How to add a Twitter List to a Hopin event

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After adding the Twitter Integration to your event following our guide Setting up Twitter on the Hopin platform, you may want to be able to share a specific Twitter List instead of your Twitter Newsfeed.

To add a Twitter list and for it to display correctly on Hopin, you can't use the URL that Twitter displays in the browser for that list. Unfortunately, that URL won't work. 

For example the @TimeOutLondon list: 'ldn venues and attractions' has the following URL in the browser: (default list URL)

To make sure you can embed the Twitter list you need to translate the default URL into an embeddable one using the following Twitter tool: On that page, paste the 'default list URL' under 'What would you like to embed?' as shown below.


Then scroll down a little and click on the 'Copy Code' button on the right.


The copied text will look like below, this is the embeddable code for the list:

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="">A Twitter List by TimeOutLondon</a> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

However, for the purpose of sharing your Twitter list on Hopin you only require the URL part of the code above as shown below:


So the resulting Twitter List URL that will work in Hopin is:

Paste that in the Twitter input field in Hopin and you should be good to go. 



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