Inviting Exhibitors to set up an Expo Booth

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You can give access to the booth settings to your Exhibitors. This guide explains how to invite Exhibitors by uploading a CSV file with a list of booths, how to send individual Exhibitor invitations, and how to manage existing invitations. 

Important: The option to invite Exhibitors is not available on the legacy Starter plan.


  • All invited Exhibitors also need to get registered for the event to access the online venue. 
  • Exhibitors don't become Moderators by default. They need to assign themselves as Moderators when creating a booth set to the Session content provider. Moderators can also create and publishing/unpublishing polls in their booths.
  • Only Organizers can configure the booth's size and priority number. 
  • Here a dedicated guide you can forward to your Exhibitors: Setting up an Expo Booth as an Exhibitor

Uploading Expo Booths

The option to upload booths is a quick way to add a list of booths and invite Exhibitors to set them up.

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Expo.
  2. Click Upload booths.
    (Or click Upload if you've created several booths manually).

  3. In the Upload booths window, click Download CSV Template to create your list of Exhibitors based on our template.
  4. Once completed, upload the file back and click Next.

  5. The columns from your file with get matched automatically. Review and make changes if needed. Once ready, click Confirm and invite exhibitors.
    ✔ Exhibitors will receive an email invite to set up their booths.

Inviting Exhibitors manually

Alternatively, you can create your booths and send the invites manually. This way, you can assign multiple Exhibitors to the same Booth and to send extra invites after uploading a CSV file.

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Expo.
  2. Click Invite Exhibitors.
    Note: Create at least one booth to be able to see this option.

  3. Under Invitations, in the Email textbox, enter the email of your Exhibitor.
  4. In the Booth drop-down, select an existing booth and or click Create New Booth.
  5. When creating a new booth, in the Booth size drop-down, select the booth size: large, medium, small or mini. 
  6. Click Send Invite.

Managing invites

Once you have uploaded a CSV file or sent an invite to your Exhibitors, you can review and manage these invitations.

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Expo > Invite Exhibitors.

  2. Under Invited Exhibitors, you will see the list of all invitations. 

    • Use the Search field to locate an exhibitor.
    • Click Resend to resend the invite email.
    • Click Remove to cancel the invite.
Note: Each Exhibitor has to be assigned to a specific Booth, therefore, if you delete a Booth, then any invitations that were assigned to that Booth will also be deleted. In this instance, you will have to re-invite any associated Exhibitors to new Booths if you would like to them to have access to your event.



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