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Frequently asked questions about tickets and registrations

Q: How do I create a registration page for my event? 

A: At RingCentral Events, we’ve built our own registration system so you don’t have to worry about using another platform to collect, track, manage, and accept payments for your attendee list. You can decide to customize your registration page through the registration tab of the event dashboard. 

Q: Can I import registrations from other platforms or upload them? For example from Eventbrite?

A: We have a feature on the advanced plans called the Magic Link system which allows organizers to upload CSVs of their registrants into RingCentral Events' event dashboard and send an email with a “Magic Link.” Once clicked, this link sends your users into the event with no need to create a RingCentral Events account or register for the event. 

Q: Can I send email alerts to my attendees once they register?

A: RingCentral Events sends automatic emails at key points in the user journey of attending your event. Each person will receive a confirmation email after claiming a ticket, a 24-hour reminder email, and a 1-hour reminder email before the event. They also will receive a notification if the start time changes and if any refund has been given. These auto emails can be turned off or customised on the Growth, Business, and Enterprise plans. 

Q: How many ticket types can I create?

A: There is no limit on ticket types, you can also create hidden/secret ticket types e.g VIP tickets which you can send by a private link. 

Q: Can I set up free and paid tickets for the same event? I would also like to set tickets at multiple price points. Is this possible?

A: Yes! You can choose to create both free and paid (at multiple price points) ticket types for your event and specify what each ticket stands for. To create paid tickets for your event, you need to set up a Stripe account and connect that to your billing page. More info on Stripe Direct Billing can be found here.

Q: Can I choose multiple currencies to sell tickets for in the same event?

A: No, tickets can only be sold for the currency added by the organizer to the Registration > Details tab of the Event Dashboard. Each event can only have tickets sold in one currency, however, different events can have different currencies if needed.

Q: What is the fee associated with selling tickets through RingCentral Events?

A: The way paid tickets work is that RingCentral Events receives 7% for the Starter plan, 4% for the Growth plan and 2% for the Advanced plan. Stripe fees are dependent on your country and this is shown in your Stripe account when someone registers. For the US, the Stripe fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 processing for each transaction. 

Q: Can I change someone’s ticket if they chose the wrong one or do we need them upgraded?

A: If you’re using the magic link system, you can cancel the person’s invitation and send a new invite with the right ticket. If you’re not using the magic link invite, you can remove the attendee’s registration through the event dashboard and have the person re-register under the right ticket. Note that removing an attendee triggers a refund if the ticket is a paid ticket. 

Q: Can I delete a ticket? 

A: If you already have people registered for a ticket, then you need to remove those people before deleting the ticket. You can remove people through the People > Attendees tab of the event dashboard. Once you do that, go to the ticket tab and delete the ticket. Please note that deleting tickets (if paid) will trigger a refund to the Attendee.

Q: Can I set my desired number of tickets? 

A: Absolutely! When creating a ticket, you’ll be required to set the number you want available for the event. You can always go back to the tickets tab to increase or decrease that number. 

Q: What is an Organizer Pass?

An Organizer Pass is something that allows the organizers to join an event without having to buy a ticket, as they would have to do in the past. 

It is automatically applied when you add an organizer to your organization and there is nothing additional that you need to do to enable it. This does not grant team members any additional access.

Note: Organizers will not be shown on any attendee reports, other than the Attendees Data report that you can download on the Attendees page (Event Dashboard > People > Attendees).

Q: What does "pending acceptance" mean?

You may notice that it says "pending acceptance" next to some of your attendees on the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees page. 


This means that the ticket was assigned to someone during a bulk checkout (an attendee bought more than one ticket) who doesn't have a RingCentral Events account.

Once these guests have verified their emails and claimed their tickets, the date and time of their registration will be shown and the "pending acceptance" status will be removed.

Pending acceptance tickets still count towards the "Total Registrations" you will see on the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Registrations page however, they will not be charged for. For more information on your final registration count, check out our guide

Note: On the attendee report, their "registration source" will be shown as "magic link".

Q: Do my speakers need tickets to access my event? 

A: Yes. Attendees, speakers, and moderators need to claim a ticket in order to access an event. 

Q: I would like to add additional fields on the registration page of my event. Is this possible? 

A: Yes, it is! The Customized registration questions is a feature available on all plans. 



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