Publishing an event

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Once you've created a multi-track event, it will initially have a draft status. The draft status means the event is still in the editing mode and cannot accept registrations. In the case, the event registration link will redirect to RingCentral Events homepage. This guide explains how to publish and unpublish your event. 

Tip: Before publishing the event for attendee registration, preview your landing page and Reception to ensure everything looks good.

Once you're ready to share your event and open registrations, head over to your Event Dashboard and click Publish.

To be able to publish your event you have to create at least one ticket. Otherwise, the option will be greyed out: 

To create tickets (Free/Paid), go to Event Dashboard > Registration > Tickets and click Create Tickets. Refer to this guide to learn more about ticket settings: Creating tickets

Once your event is published, you can copy the Registration page URL to start promoting your event and use the test mode to rehearse with your speakers Backstage.

If your event doesn't have any registrations yet (or after removing all the registrations), you will be able to unpubllish it.