Limit attendee open devices and tabs

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“Limit attendee open devices and tabs” is an additional security measurement feature that enables organizers to prevent attendees from joining their event from multiple devices or tabs.

If you’re concerned about attendees sharing login details with other people to attend your event, you can enable this feature so that every registered attendee will only be able to join from one device or browser tab.

How to enable this feature

To enable this feature, go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls and look for the heading "Login sharing." Check the box next to Limit attendee open devices and tabs to ensure our attendees can only join your event on one device per ticket.

Don’t forget to hit Save!

With this, when attendees join the event on more than one device, they will be notified and given the option to cut off the event on the other device.


If you click Yes, I’ll start a new session the event will continue in the same tab, while with selecting No, thanks attendees will have to go to the previous tab where the event is already open to access the event venue.

Note: This feature does not apply to Organizers, Moderators, Speakers or Exhibitors.