Switching from a live video to a pre-recorded video in Sessions

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One great advantage of using RingCentral Events for your events is that you can switch from live videos to pre-recorded videos across the major video segments of RingCentral Events: Stage, Sessions, or Expo. This guide will show you how to do that for Sessions.

Note that you can also share videos to Sessions through RTMP. See our guide How to stream from any source over RTMP to Sessions using OBS for instructions.

Method 1 - YouTube Sharing

If your video is hosted on YouTube, you can use the YouTube Sharing feature to share your video while doing a live presentation. Organizers can enable this for a Session in the Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions in the Session settings. 

Note: This feature needs to be turned on individually for each session. Shared YouTube videos cannot be captured in recordings. For more details, see our guide How to access recordings.

Within a Session, you can simply click on the Share Screen button, then YouTube Video.

Organizers and Moderators have the capability to share content without activating their own audio and video on screen. The Share screen option will be conveniently accessible at the bottom center of the screen.

Add your YouTube video URL to the pop-up. Click Share Video to start Sharing it with your Attendees! It will begin playing automatically, so get ready.

Note: Be sure to use a video link that is Public and not Unlisted or Private, as these links will not work.

Click the Share Screen button again and then Stop Sharing to remove the video.

Important notes:

  • In a Moderated Session, only the Organizers & Moderators can use the YouTube sharing feature, whereas in an Open Session, anyone sharing their audio and video can share a YouTube video.
  • It's recommended for the user sharing the YouTube video to wear headphones and/or mute themselves while the video is playing to avoid echoing.
  • This feature only supports individual YouTube videos and YouTube Live streams. YouTube playlists are not supported at this time.

Method 2 - Sharing your screen

You can share videos by sharing your screen in a Session. Organizers and Moderators also have the capability to share content without activating their own audio and video on screen.

Open the video in a dedicated Chrome tab and click on the Share Screen icon at the bottom of the Session. 

Note: Firefox browsers don't support sharing a tab with sound so you will have to use Chrome for this option.

On the pop-up window, click on Chrome Tab. Select the tab with the video. Be sure to check the share audio box so the attendees can hear the audio. Click Share to start sharing.

Tip. If you'd like to screen share a video player, it's important to keep in mind that Chrome doesn't support sharing window audio (it's only possible to share tab audio). However, you can consider using a third party application to share audio from a video player. You can see our guide Screenshare: Sharing audio from any third-party app for more details. 

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