How to set-up Zapier for registrations

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Getting started

Use Zapier to automate processes between RingCentral Events and other platforms. Sit back, relax, and let Zapier do the work!

What can Zapier do?

Zapier can import registrants from external systems (e.g., Eventbrite) into your RingCentral Events via the Magic Links. It brings new registrations from an external registration site into RingCentral Events once your Zap is live. Please note that Zapier does not retroactively import existing registrations.

What apps can you connect to RingCentral via Zapier?

RingCentral Events can connect to thousands of apps using Zapier. Refer to Zapier's website for a full list.

Setting up Zapier

  1. Create and publish an event in your RingCentral Events Dashboard.

  2. Create and publish your external registration page (e.g., Eventbrite).

  3. Register one test attendee for every ticket type on your external registration page. This is essential for creating your "Zap" in Zapier later on.

    Note: A new Zap needs to be created for each ticket type.
  4. In the RingCentral Events dashboard, retrieve the integration code for each ticket by navigating to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Tickets. Copy URL for each ticket by clicking on the corresponding icon. Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.55.43.pngThen, copy and paste the alphanumeric code from the ticket URL (after the "=" sign) as your integration code into Zapier. Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.18.47.png

  5. In a new tab, open Zapier and create a new Zap.
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.23.41.png

  6. In the Zap Editor, click 1. Trigger to search and select your third-party registration platform (e.g., Eventbrite).
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.09.22 copy.png
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.12.50.png

  7. On the right side, in the Event field, select New Attendee Registered and press Continue. Connect your third-party credentials if prompted. The app should appear under Account when linked correctly.
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.31.19.png

  8. Provide specific event details depending on the registration platform. For instance, when using Eventbrite's New Attendee Registered trigger, you'll be prompted for Organization, Event Status, and Event fields. These fields will appear on the right side under Trigger.

    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.36.23.png

  9. After selecting Continue, you will be prompted to Test a Trigger. This only takes a few seconds to make sure everything has been connected properly. Troubleshoot any errors, and repeat the test until successful before moving to the next step.

  10. Here's where the test registrations from Eventbrite (step 3) come into play. After Zapier loads the Find Data section, scroll down or use your browser's find tool (cmd+f or ctrl+f) and search 'ticket_class_name' to make sure you have loaded the correct ticket type you are working on. After confirming, press Continue.


  11. This is step 2 on Zapier, we will now connect your event on RingCentral Events to Zapier. In the Zap Editor select 2. Action, search and select 'RingCentral Events'.
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.12.27.png
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 17.04.49.png
  12. Select the Create Redeem action in the Event field under the App & event section on the right end side. When ready, press Continue and confirm your RingCentral Events credentials which will show up under Account when correctly linked. We recommend to login to your RingCentral Events dashboard beforehand to make this step 12 quick and easy. 
    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 13.00.20.png

  13. Navigate to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Tickets page in your RingCentral Events' dashboard in a new tab to copy the corresponding ticket integration code. This can be found in the ticket's URL as mentioned in Step 4. Enter the code in the Persona_code field under Action at the next step. 

  14. Fill in the information under Action as shown in the legacy Customize Create Redeem page below and press Continue.


    This is what the new Action section looks like, the information to enter is the same as shown in the above animation:

    Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 16.48.29.png
  15. Perform a final test in Zapier to troubleshoot and ensure success. Once successful, turn on the Zap.

  16. Repeat the process for each ticket type on your external registration system. Create a new Zap for each ticket. For example, if you have 2 tickets on your Eventbrite event, you want to create the same two tickets on your RingCentral event as well as two separate Zaps, one for each ticket.   

What's next?

As attendees register for your event on your third-party registration system, they will automatically be sent their Magic Link invitation email from RingCentral. Customize these emails using our guide on Customizing Automated Emails to Attendees. Check the Magic Link Invites tab in your Event Dashboard to see a growing list of attendees who registered on your third-party registration system and were added to your RingCentral event.