How to set-up Zapier for registrations

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Getting started

Use Zapier to automate processes between RingCentral and other platforms. Sit back, relax, and let Zapier do the work!

What can Zapier do?

Zapier can import registrants from an external system (e.g.: Eventbrite) into your RingCentral event via the Magic Link system. Zapier will bring new registrations from an external registration site into RingCentral once your Zap is live; Zapier will not retroactively bring existing registrations from an external registration site into RingCentral.

What apps can you connect to RingCentral via Zapier?

RingCentral can connect to thousands of apps using Zapier! Check out Zapier's website for a full list.

Setting up Zapier

  1. Create and publish your RingCentral event.

  2. Create and publish your external registration page (e.g.: Eventbrite).

  3. Register one test attendee for every ticket you create on your external registration page. This is essential for creating your "Zap" in Zapier later on.

    Note: A new Zap needs to be created for each ticket type.
  4. Back on RingCentral, open the Tickets tab in your event dashboard and find the ticket's integration code.

    You can get the integration code by going to Registrations > Tickets and opening it in a new browser tab by clicking the copy URL for the ticket icon. Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.29.09 AM.pngThen, copy and paste the end of the URL (after the = sign) as your integration code into Zapier. Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.30.25 AM.png

  5. In a new tab, open and log into Zapier. Click the Make a New Zap button.

  6. Search for and select your third-party registration platform (e.g.: Eventbrite) in Step 1 on Zapier.


  7. When you are prompted to choose an event, select New Attendee Registered and press Continue. You might be prompted to connect your Eventbrite / third-party credentials to continue.

  8. Choose your Organization and Event you are working on here.


  9. After selecting continue, you will be prompted to Test a Trigger. This only takes a few seconds to make sure everything has been connected.

  10. Here's where those test registrations from Eventbrite come into play. After Zapier loads the Find Data section, scroll down or use your browser's find tool cmd+f or ctrl+f and search 'ticket_class_name' to make sure you have loaded the correct ticket type you are working on. After confirming, press Continue.


  11. Step 2 on Zapier: Now, we will connect RingCentral and your RingCentral event to Zapier.


  12. Create Redeem code will be the next step. You will need to open your RingCentral event's Tickets page in a new tab. When you're ready, press Continue and confirm your RingCentral credentials.

  13. Copy the corresponding RingCentral ticket's Integration code that you can find in the ticket's URL as we mentioned in Step 4.

  14. Fill in the information on the Customize Create Redeem page and press continue.


  15. Do one final test in Zapier then turn on the Zap!

  16. If you have several ticket types, follow this process once again to create a new Zap for each RingCentral ticket. 

What's next?

As attendees register for your event on your third-party registration system, they will automatically be sent their Magic Link invitation email from RingCentral. See more about customizing emails sent from RingCentral in our guide Customizing Automated Emails to Attendees. Check the Magic Link Invites tab in your Event Dashboard to see a growing list of attendees who registered on your third-party registration system and were added to your RingCentral event.


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