Streaming from StreamYard to Stage via RTMP

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StreamYard is a browser-based streaming production tool offering extensive customization options and multi-streaming. It supports streaming to RingCentral Events Stages natively, ensuring the best performance. This guide explains how to generate RTMP setup for your Stage and add RingCentral Events Stage as a destination in StreamYard. 

Important: Don’t confuse RTMP streaming from a StreamYard account to the RingCentral Events Stage with the Backstage powered by StreamYard where StreamYard is integrated into RingCentral Events. The backstage integration may not include all features available in a standalone StreamYard account.

Generating RTMP setup

  • To generate Stage RTMP setup in a multi-track event:

    1. Go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Stages.
    2. Hover over the selected Stage and click the Pencil icon to open Stage settings.
    3. Under Stream Provider, select StreamYard.
    4. Go to RTMP Stream and click Generate RTMP Setup
    5. Click Save.

  • To generate Stage RTMP setup in a Webinar event:

    1. Go to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics.
    2. Under Webinar Style, select Stage.
    3. Go to RTMP Stream and click Generate RTMP Setup
    4. Click Save.

You'll be presented with a Stream Key (unique key generated for every event) and RTMPS (standard URL used to stream to RingCentral Events, that is across all events) for two destinations.

Note: The first and preferred is the main RTMP server in place. Should any issues arise when connected to the preferred server, we recommend switching to the backup provider. We use MUX as the preferred provider and Amazon's Interactive Video Service (IVS) as the backup.

Connecting RTMP to StreamYard

To add RingCentral Events Stage as a destination in StreamYard:

  1. In your StreamYard account, go to Destinations and click Add a destination.
  2. Select Hopin from the list of available destinations.
    Tip: Hopin is a former name of RingCentral Events. 
  3. Paste the Stream Key and RTMPS you've generated in RingCentral Events and click Connect to Hopin.

Once your Stage is added as a destination, you can choose it when creating a new broadcast:


Remember, there is roughly a 10-second delay between the source stream and the RingCentral Events Stage. 

Tip: For further instructions on using the studio, visit StreamYard Support Center. Please note that StreamYard instructions and user interface haven't been updated yet, so RingCentral Events is still referred to as Hopin.