Why was my video disabled by RingCentral Events?

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When sharing your audio/video in a RingCentral events stream, you may have seen this pop up:


If we detect that your streaming quality lowers a significant amount while on screen, we will disable your video stream in order to preserve your audio stream. This will help our users with slower internet connections or older/lower performance devices who experience some network issues when trying to participate on stream.

What causes my stream quality to lower?

This issue is usually due to outdated browser or network/internet issues.

In order to get the best experience on the platform, we recommend following the advice in Browser compatibility for RingCentral Events guide in regards to your browser.

If you are on a recommended browser, and have made sure it is up to date, we next want to check your internet speed. You can check your internet speeds at speedtest.net. A sample test result will look like this:


In this, we are looking at the download and upload speeds. Here’s a very simple breakdown of stream quality based on internet speeds:

  • Great: 50Mbps+ upload and download.
  • Good: 30Mbps upload and download.
  • Acceptable: 10Mbps upload and download.

Ways to improve your internet speeds

If you are using mobile data, first make sure you are connected to 4G. If 4G is not available on your network or in your location, 3G is likely not going to work. If possible, we recommend switching to a wireless/wired network connection.

If you are using WiFi, please try to limit the number of devices connected to that network. If you can, moving your device closer to your router could improve your internet connection.

If you are using a wired connection, check your cable. Make sure the connection is secure and there are no kinks in the wire.

My internet speeds are fine, what else could it be?

If you are on a work network or any network behind a firewall, you may need to speak with your IT department or network administrator. When you do, please give them the websites in our Networking Connectivity article to whitelist, and the ports to open.

If you have checked all of this and are still experiencing issues with your stream connection, get in touch.


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