Switching from a live video to a pre-recorded video on Stage

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Note: Starting May 1st, 2023, you will no longer be able to select the Hopin Classic Backstage option for your upcoming events – instead you will need to use our Hopin Backstage powered by StreamYard.


One great advantage of using Hopin for your events is that you can switch from live videos to pre-recorded videos across the major video segments of Hopin: Stage, Sessions or Expo. This guide will show you how to do that on the Stage.

Method 1

You're able to switch from a live feed to a pre-recorded video (and vice versa) through the event dashboard anytime during the event.

To do that, go to the Stage tab of the event dashboard (Venue > Stage). Under stream provider, select 'Hopin' to stream a live video from your camera; select 'Youtube', 'Vimeo' or 'Wistia' to stream a video from any of those platforms onto the Stage at any time. Click save at the bottom of the page.


Tip: The best workflow to mix pre-recorded and live content using Hopin, would be to have the backstage open and broadcasting before switching to a pre-recorded video from the event dashboard. In this way, the transition will be smoother, and attendees won't have to refresh the page. We also recommend having the video ID for the pre-recorded video ready and copied to the "Stream Identifier" field beforehand.


Note: Attendees will be required to hit 'play' for the pre-recorded video to begin. When you change the content provider to a pre-recorded option (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) in the stage tab of the event dashboard and you hit save, the live broadcast is interrupted on the main stage. Due to the slight streaming delay from backstage to stage, it is recommended to wait that the speaker finishes the presentation before hitting save in the stage tab.

Method 2 

The other way would be to do a screenshare while doing a live presentation. With this, attendees are not required to hit play as the presenter is the one that controls when the video starts and stops.

To screenshare with audio you must select to share a Chrome Tab on both Mac and PC, or the entire screen on PC only.

Note: Firefox browser doesn’t support sharing a tab with Sound yet.
  • Open the video in a dedicated Chrome tab and click on the screenshare icon. On the popup window, click on Chrome Tab and select the tab with the video. Be sure to check the share audio box so the attendees can hear the audio. If you share the entire screen on PC, you will find the share audio box in the same bottom-left corner.
  • Click share to start sharing.
Note: Screen sharing option is limited to one person at a time and will be greyed out for the other speakers/presenters until the person stops sharing their screen.


You can also use a third party application for your attendees to be able to hear the audio clearly. You may click here to view our support article on sharing audio for more information.

Method 3 

Stream from a third-party source - which supports streaming both live and pre-recorded content - onto the Stage using RTMP.


Note: If you would like to include your pre-recorded videos within the Replay area during or after your event, you will need to use either Method 2 and 3.


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