Event Analytics and Reports

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If you want to collect information from your event to better understand your audience and how to improve future events, you can benefit from numerous event reports and analytics dashboards available on Hopin. You can them under the Analytics section in your Event Dashboard.

Locating and Downloading Reports

You can find all reports available for your plan in your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports. They are conveniently listed in several sections: event, people and attendance, engagement, replay and expo. 

This page is easy to navigate. You can find a brief description under the report title. If you like to learn more and see the list of fields included into the report, click More details when hovering on the tile:

To download a report, click Generate CSV. If the report is available for individual event areas, you'll see a dropdown with them when clicking Generate

Once you have generated the report, you will see the Download CSV button. Clicking on this will download the report in the CSV format to your computer. You will also see the option to generate a new report next to it.

At any time, you can also go the Downloads tab to find all of your report generated during the last week. Here you can download or regenerate a report by hovering over the report.

Note: Reports will be available for download for a week. You will need to generate a new report after a week. Some of the reports will become available only after the event is over. 

List of All Reports

Below you can find the list of all reports with a brief description so you can quickly find the insightful data you need for your event: 

  • All Reports Bundle. Compilation of all reports in one ZIP archive ready to download (Advanced plans only)
  • Event Summary: High-level metrics for your event as a whole (ticket sales, attendee info, survey scores, etc) or for an individual segment (Stage, Session or Expo booth) (All Plans)
  • My Agenda: List of registrants who added a segment to My Agenda, with the relative segments (All Plans)
  • Schedule: Summary of your event schedule including segments details, tags and speakers. For in person events, it also includes information about in-person attendance (All Plans)
  • Survey Feedback: List of mid-event and post-event survey feedback and scores from your attendees (All Plans)
  • Registrants: List of people who registered for your event, including all their registration details (All Plans)
  • Attendees: List of people who attended your event, including all their registration details (All Plans)
  • No-shows: List of people who registered but didn’t attend your event, including all their registration details (All Plans)
  • Attendee Log: Detailed log of all your attendees’ movement across event areas - including the areas that they visited and for how long (Advanced Plans only)
  • Online Attendee Count over Time: Number of online attendees in each area of your event, sampled at one-minute intervals (Advanced Plans only)
  • Segment Registrations: List of people who reserved a seat to a segment, including possible check-in and check-out times (Advanced Plans only)
  • Time Spent Online: Detailed report of the time attendees spent in virtual areas of your event, such as networking, a specific stage, or an expo booth (Advanced Plans only)
  • Time Spent Online per Segment: This report shows how much time your attendees spent in a particular schedule segment (Advanced Plans only) 
  • Event chat: Detailed logs of every chat message sent during your event - covering both the general event chat and specific event areas like a stage, session or expo booth (All Plans)
  • Connections: Connections stats from Networking segment (All Plans)
  • Engagement Metrics: A list of registrants with information on how much they engaged with the event, including areas visited, chat messages sent, chat reactions, questions asked & answered, networking matches, call to action clicks, etc. (All Plans)
  • Poll Results: This report contains all answers given to all polls held during the event (All Plans)
  • Q&As: All questions and answers recorded in the Q&A feature - including the number of upvotes and attendee details (All Plans)
  • Scheduled Meetings: List of all the meetings scheduled during your event, including their participants and duration (Advanced Plans only)
  • Speed Networking: Detailed data about all meetings that happened in the networking area (Advanced Plans only)
  • Replay Recordings: List of all recordings published in Replay, including total number of times viewed (Paid Plans only)
  • Replay Viewers: List of all Replay viewers, including the recordings they played and how many times they played each recording (Paid Plans only)
  • Booth Engagement Report: List of all the attendees who visited a particular expo booth, including engagement metrics such as time spent, CTA clicks, and comments (Advanced Plans only)
  • Booth Interactions Report: List of all attendees who interacted with a specific expo booth—either by clicking a link or registering their interest (All Plans)
Tip: Contact us for upgrading to the Business plan and unlocking hidden event reports. Once upgraded, you will get access to all available reports even for past events on your Organizer account.

Live Analytics

If you're on Business or Enterprise plan, you'll have access to the Live Analytics dashboard in the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Live Analytics. Here you can get an overview of how many attendees participated in your event at a time.

  • Live attendees by time is a graph showing you the number of attendees participating during your event. The graph can be filtered by event areas and time.  
  • Live attendees by area is a chart showing how many attendees are in the event per area at the moment. Data will be shown here only when the event is live.  

Note: Active users are counted every minute from the start time to the end time of your event. This page does not automatically refresh, please reload the page for up-to-date data.


In the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Registrations you can find an overview of registrations made for your event. Here you’ll be able to see:

  • Number of total registrations and a graph showing how many registrations were made over time. The graph can be filtered by day or by week. 
  • Registrations by type (e.g. magic link invites or bulk registrations)
  • Tickets issued by ticket type 
  • Registered Magic Link invites
  • Countries/regions by registrants


In the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Connections you can find an overview of interactions during your event. This dashboard is insightful when attendees are using Networking in your event. Here you’ll be able to see:

  • Total chat messages (also presented with a graph)
  • Total networking meetings (also presented with a graph)
  • Number of connection requests
  • Number of scheduled 1-on-1 meetings
  • Connections: the number of connection requests vs the number of connection made
  • Top sponsors by networking meetings (if there're sponsors who participated in networking) 
  • Top attendees by networking meetings 
  • Top areas by chat messages 
  • Latest connections (clicking See connections details brings you to a separate page where you can see the list of all attendees and the number of connections they've made). 

View Polls

Go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > View Polls to review all of active your polls and their results. Click Download all user votes data to generate the Poll Results report in the legacy format. You will need to go to your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports > Downloads to download it. 

Expo Summary

In the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Expo Summary you can get an overview of all of your Expo booths and check the number of users who clicked Register interest or on one of the linked URLs. You'll also be able to generate Booth Summary report, Booth Chat report Booth Interactions report in the legacy format for each of them. You will need to go to your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports > Downloads to download them.