Duplicating an event

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Duplicating an event is a great way to conduct a test run, double-check customizations, or try out new ideas. This guide explains how to duplicate an event and outlines the areas that can be duplicated.

Warning: For your real, big-deal events, it's highly recommended to start fresh by creating a brand-new event. Duplicating an old event that doesn't include the latest features and fixes may cause inconsistencies and technical issues.

To duplicate an event:

  1. In the Organization Dashboard, hover over the chosen event and click the Copy icon.
    In the Event Dashboard, click Duplicate Event.
  2. On the next page, adjust the event name, start & end time, time zone, and click Save and continue.

  3. If you're duplicating a multi-track event, you will be prompted to select the areas you would like to duplicate. Once ready, click Duplicate.
  4. On the next page, you will see on the status of the duplication. Duplicating a big event may take several minutes. Once completed, click Go to dashboard to head back to your Organizer Dashboard or Go to new event to start working on your duplicated event.


You can duplicate the following sections of your event:

  • Stages
  • Sessions
  • People/Networking area
  • Schedule
  • Expo and sponsors
  • Speaker profiles (but speakers will need to re-register for duplicated events)
  • Tickets
  • Registration details
  • Venue controls
  • Emails
  • Venue controls

However, you cannot duplicate the following:

  • Registrations
  • Customized Text
  • Custom area
  • Onsite settings