How to download your registrants and attendees list

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If your event has not happened yet, you will be downloading your list of Registrants. If your event has started, you can download your Attendees list. 

Your Registrants report will contain the event Magic Link for each registrant. See our guide How to send the event access link to a registrant for complete details.


Generate the report

There are 2 ways to generate the report.

1. From the Registrants tab

  • Go to your Event Dashboard and navigate to the People > Registrants page. You will see a list of registered attendees with their name, email, ticket type and other data.
  • Click Download to generate a report.
  • You'll see a green notification when it's ready and you can click to download it.


2. From the Reports page

  • Go to your Event Dashboard and navigate to the Analytics > Reports page
  • Click the Generate CSV button on the Attendees report or Registrants report.
  • The report will start processing and you will receive an email once it is ready


You can also access it from the Downloads tab of the Reports page you will be able to track the report Status.

Once the Status changes to Complete click the Download button to download the report as a CSV file. Hover on the report in the list for the buttons on the right side to appear.

If more attendees are added to your event at a later date or after the event is over you can also click on the Generate again button to create a new, updated report.


For more info on your attendee list, check out our Attendees Report guide.

Now you can start making use of reports for any event on your Organizer’s account.


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