Interacting with other attendees

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RingCentral Events provides a multitude of engagement features, enabling attendees to interact with each other while participating in broadcasts and sessions curated by the Event Organizer.

This guide aims to familiarize you, as an Attendee, with the available features, ensuring you make the most of the event you'll be attending.

Note: Keep in mind that some features may be disabled by the Organizer in the event settings.

Participating in the Chat

Upon entering the event, you'll notice the chat area in the activity panel on the right side. This serves as an interactive space where you can engage with event organizers and attendees. Utilize features such as tagging other participants, adding emojis, posting GIFs, reacting to messages, and replying in threads. A dedicated guide on using the chat is available here: How to use the chat area during an event  

Note: There are individual chats for each area of the event (e.g. Stages, Sessions, Expo Booths). Access these chats by navigating to specific areas.

Searching People

To explore the list of people registered for the event, navigate to the People tab in the right-side activity panel. Use the search field to find individuals by name, job role, etc. Additionally, you can filter the list by Organizers, Speakers, and your Connections made through Networking.

The Networking area is another space to discover who is registered. Utilize the search bar and apply filters based on specific interests set by the Event Organizer. More details can be found in this guide: Navigating the Networking Area 

Exploring Attendee Profile

Clicking on an attendee in the chat, People tab, or Networking area opens their profile. Here, you can access additional information and contact details, including bio, website, and social media links. Depending on Organizer settings, you may also:

  • Send a direct message
  • Invite to video call 
  • Schedule a meeting

Tip. Enhance your collaboration by filling in your profile with additional information and a profile picture. Learn more in: How to update your profile details

Direct Messages

To send a direct message to an attendee, open their profile and click Send message. This action opens a private chat on the right-side activity panel, functioning similarly to the public chat. Additionally, you have options to Invite to video call and Schedule a meeting.

Upon receiving a direct message, a pop-up notification will alert you. The direct messaging icon on the activity panel will also be marked red, indicating new messages. Click on the pop-up or the icon to access the chat.

To review and access your ongoing conversations, click on the Direct Messages icon.

Tip: During an event, you can mute another attendee, which prevents them from direct messaging you for the duration of the event. Learn how in: How to prevent an attendee from direct messaging you during an event 

Adjusting your privacy settings allows you to specify that only Organizers can invite you to video calls, direct message you, and invite you to meetings: How to choose who can contact you in an event by adjusting your privacy settings

Instant Video Calls

To initiate an instant video call, click Invite to video call while exploring the attendee profile or engaging in private chat. This action generates an automatic message containing a link to a private session room. Both users need to click the link to join the room, functioning similarly to a public session room. Refer to this guide for more information on how to use Sessions: Within a Session during a live event

Upon receiving an invitation to a private meeting, you'll be notified through a pop-up message. The direct messaging icon on the activity panel will also turn red. Click on the pop-up or the icon to access the chat and view the message.

Scheduling 1:1 Meetings

Scheduling a private meeting for a later time is another option. This allows you to schedule a group call, inviting up to 19 participants. Learn more about this feature in: Scheduling 1:1 Meetings 

Speed Networking

Speed Networking is a fun and dynamic way to meet other attendees. It's more effective when directed by the Organizer, as it requires several participants to work optimally. In this feature, you're randomly matched with different people for a set duration. During these interactions, you can choose to extend the call and even share contact details. Explore this guide for more details: Navigating the Networking Area