Organizers, Moderators, Speakers - Understanding Roles & Permissions

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Every person using RingCentral Events has a role in the event or organization. Roles on RingCentral Events are administrative and non-administrative with different levels of permissions and access.

Administrative roles

Administrative roles apply to the entire Organization account and grant permissions across events created under that Organization. 

Admins and Team Members (advanced plans only)

When you create a new Organization account, you automatically become the Organization admin. This is the only person who can delete the Organization account or transfer ownership to another Organizer. Plus, the Organization admin can add or remove any other team members on the Organization account. The Organization admin is also responsible for creating and managing events.

When you add a new team member, you will be asked whether they are a "Member" or an "Admin". 

  • Admins will have access to all of the events within the Organization, and can edit and duplicate events. 
  • Members will have access to specific events only. You will need to add them manually to the events that you would like them to manage. When added to an event, they will have the same controls as an Admin. They cannot edit the team members for each event, nor can they delete an event.

For more info on updating your team, check out this article.

Tip: The organization admin role is typically held by decision-makers (founders, executives, heads of departments, or the IT department) who handle account administration.

Non-administrative roles

Non-administrative roles apply to a single event only, they cannot adjust event dashboard settings or Organization account settings. Once registering for any new event different non-administrative roles can be assigned by event Organizers.

These roles include:

  • Attendee
  • Moderator
  • Speaker
  • Invited Exhibitor


Attendees are all registered people who join the event from a Registration page or via a Magic link. Attendees can be assigned as Moderators by the Organization admin/member. Plus, attendees can become Speakers in Open Sessions or request permission to join on screen as a Speaker in Moderated Sessions or Backstage.

Note: The Organization admin/member is also required to register for the event to be able to preview, attend and manage the event pages. They will be automatically be given a "Organizer Pass" when previewing the event from the Event Dashboard.


Moderators are event attendees assigned by the Organization admin/member per event and control participants that can go on off-screen as Speakers during the Sessions or Expo Sessions.

Note: The Organization admin/member is a Moderator by default and can moderate any Session or Expo at the event.


Speakers are registered event attendees assigned by the Organization admin/member per event. Speakers can participate with video and audio on the Backstage, Moderated or Invite-only Sessions or on the Moderated Expo Session. Note that Speakers do not have moderator access by default. The organizer has to add the speaker as a moderator if they would like the speaker to have moderator access in each session or booth.  

Note: Speakers do not have to be listed under the Speakers tab of the organizer Dashboard to access the event Backstage via the link. Any registered attendee who receives the Backstage link (typically sent by the Organization admin/member) can access the Backstage and request permission to Share Audio and Video.

Invited Exhibitor (advanced plans only)

Invited Exhibitors are attendees assigned by the Organization admin/member per Expo Booth, per event, have access to their Booth settings and become Moderators if the Expo Booth is set to the Session type.

Note: All invited exhibitors need to register for the event in order to access it as they do not automatically become attendees once they accept the invitation. They don't become moderators by default, they need to set themselves to be moderators while creating the booth. They also have access to create polls in their booths, hide and unhide the polls.

Permissions on RingCentral Events

Every person hosting or attending an event on RingCentral Events has a role and level of permissions. The list below describes what permissions are granted to each role.

Admins and Members

  • Manage Organization account by editing its profile details and billing information (only organization admins can do this, not members)
  • Invite new and manage all existing Organizers (only admins)
  • Transfer ownership to Organization’s team members (only admins)
  • Delete Organization account with all its data (only admins / contact Support for assistance)
  • Add, remove, or request integrations to the Organization account (only admins)
  • Install apps (only admins)
  • Create new events from scratch and duplicate existing events (only admins)
  • Manage existing events (preview and edit the event, create and download event Reports, download event recordings, chats, attendee interactions)
  • Manage event attendees by changing their ticket type and editing form answers 
  • Issue a paid ticket refund for attendees
  • Moderate Backstage, Session, or Expo Booth across events
  • Assign Moderators to moderate Sessions or Expo Booths per event
  • Speak at any event segment with video and audio on
  • Add Speakers and assign them to the scheduled segments
  • Create and manage Polls both event-wide and in a specific event area 
  • Approve, reply to, and delete Q&A submissions both event-wide and in a specific event area 
  • Pin and unpin messages in the event
  • Send chat messages
  • Delete messages from the event Chats as well as clear Chat completely (Event, Stage, Backstage, Session, and Expo)
  • Block attendees removing them from the event
  • Mute attendees restricting them from posting chat messages, answering polls and asking Q&A questions.
  • React on user reports sent by other attendees
Note: Members can do everything an admin can do within an event, but they cannot delete events, manage team members within the Organization dashboard, or edit registration form answers in the Registrants page.


  • Participate in an unlimited number of Hidden or Private events via link
  • Participate in an unlimited number of Public events
  • According to the ticket type and event settings:
    - attend event segments (Stage, Sessions, Expo, Networking, Replay)
    - participate in Polls and ask questions in Q&A
    - send Chat and Direct messages
    - invite to Video call in Direct messages
    - mute other attendees in Direct messages
    - report other attendees for inappropriate behaviour
    - participate with video and audio on non-moderated Sessions or Expo Session
    - request permission to participate with video and audio on the Backstage
    - request permission to participate with video and audio on moderated Sessions or Expo Sessions


  • Manage Speakers on a moderated Session or Expo Session
  • Mute Speakers for all attendees on a moderated Session or Expo Session
  • Create and manage Polls for a Moderated Session or Expo Session
  • Toggle Fallback provider on the Expo Session if the fallback provider is enabled by Organization admin/member or Invited Exhibitor
  • Assigned moderators for a specific session or booth are also allowed to approve, reply, and delete Q&A submissions (within that session/booth but not for Event Q&A, unless they are also a Speaker)


  • Participate with video and audio on the Backstage
  • Participate with video and audio on Sessions or Expo Sessions
  • Share screen and presentations on Sessions or Expo Sessions
  • Share YouTube video or YouTube live stream on Sessions or Expo Sessions
  • Can respond to Q&A and create Polls event-wide as long as they have a Speaker Profile created for them
  • Preview the event for test runs

Invited Exhibitor (advanced plans only)

  • Manage Expo Booth details
  • Set and toggle Fallback provider on the Expo Session
  • Get Moderator roles and permissions for the Expo Session
  • Get Speaker roles and permissions for the Expo Session

What is an Organizer Pass?

An organizer pass is something that allows the organizers to join an event without having to buy a ticket, as they would have to do in the past. 

It is automatically applied when you add an organizer to your organization and there is nothing additional that you need to do to enable it. This does not grant team members any additional access.

Note: The main organizer of the event will not add to the registration allotment but any additional organizers will. However, they will not be shown on any attendee reports, other than the Attendees Data report that you can download on the Attendees page (Event Dashboard > People > Attendees).