Free registrations rollover on Starter and Growth plans

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The Starter and the Growth plans are our legacy plans and are no longer available for purchase. For information on our current available plans, we encourage you to visit our pricing page.

Here’s an overview of default number of Registrations / Organizers included on RingCentral Starter and Growth Monthly plans:

  Starter Growth
Organizers (admins) included 1 (+$99 per additional per month) 5 (+$99 per additional per month)
Registrations included 100 per month (+100 registrations per month per additional paid organizer) 100 per month (+100 registrations per month per additional paid organizer)

And for our Annual plans:

  Starter Growth
Organizers (admins) included 1 (+$999 per additional per year) 5 (+$999 per additional per year)
Registrations included 1200 per month (+1200 registrations per year per additional paid organizer) 1200 per month (+1200 registrations per month per additional paid organizer)

How does it work?

Free registrations are given per organizer per billing cycle (monthly or annual). 

Example: If you have one Organizer on the Starter plan, you get 100 monthly registrations included with your plan. Any unused registrations will be “rolled over” and added to your next month's total. For example, if you only used 50 registrations one month, you’ll have a total of 150 free registrations when your billing cycle renews the following month. 

Any unused registrations will accumulate and be available until they are used for your events or expire after 12 months.

Adding additional organizers will be charged for depending on the plan you choose, however it will also include additional registrations (100 registrations per month for the monthly cycle, or 1200 registrations per year on the annual cycle). 

Note: Organizers can track registrations (both available and used) any time on the Billing tab of their organization.

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What if I add an additional Organizer halfway through my billing cycle?

Price and number of registrations added will depend on the day of the billing cycle they are being added, and they will be calculated proportionally.

Example: if you add additional team member half way through your billing cycle, you’ll pay half the price, and get half the amount of registrations. 

If you are on our Starter monthly plan, the price for an additional organizer for a full month is $99 and includes 100 free registrations. However, if the additional organizer is added in the middle of your billing cycle, it would cost $49.50 and include 50 free registrations. 

This applied to all other self serve plans (Starter Annual, Growth Monthly and Annual), with the pricing details available on the tables above and on our pricing page.

What if I remove an Organizer in the middle of my billing cycle? 

The same logic will apply as adding additional team members. The price will be returned to your account in the form of the discount credits and the amount of registrations that will be removed from your organization will be calculated proportionally based on the day of your billing cycle.

Example: If you remove one team member from the Starter Monthly plan in the middle of the cycle, you will get $49.50 returned to your account, and 50 registrations removed accordingly. The $49.50 will be automatically discounted from your next invoice.

I’ve used all my free registrations, what now?

Do not worry! If you use all of your l free registrations, attendees will still be able to register to your events, however, you’ll be charged an additional fee per registration. The amount charged is dependent on which plan you are on. With Starter it’s $0.50 per registration, while on Growth you will be charged $2 per registration.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Organizers on the Starter and Growth plans can choose how long they want to keep their account on RingCentral. Once the organizer cancels the subscription, all rolled over registrations will be removed along with the subscription and will not be refunded. The account will be accessible until the end of the billing period. For example, if on the annual plan the user cancels the subscription, the account will remain accessible until the end of that billing period. After that billing period, the account will be reverted to a Free account.

Note: When re-subscribing, the amount of rolled over registrations that were available prior to the account cancelation won't be re-added. Once re-subscribed the account will be treated as a new account in terms of billing and ticket registration. 

Warning: After canceling your current subscription, please note that it won't be possible to revert to or upgrade back to the Starter or the Growth plan. For information on our current available plans, we encourage you to visit our pricing page.


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