Adding a team member to your Organization

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You can add another team member to your Organization to help manage and organize events. This guide explains how to invite a team member, how they can accept the invite, and outlines the concept of organizer seats.

Important notes:

  • All Organizers have the same controls over the event management process. Please invite additional team members wisely.
  • All added Organizers, regardless of their assigned role as an Admin or Member, count towards the total number of available Organizers.
  • Organizers are automatically be given an "Organizer Pass" which means that they will not need to purchase a ticket to enter an event, they will simply be able to preview the event from the Event Dashboard. For more information, check out our article on Roles & Permissions.
  • The Organization owner/creator can remove the invited Organizers any time by clicking the Bin icon next to their name on the Team tab.
  • If the invitee has not created a RingCentral Events account just yet, please ask them to set one up using the same email address to which the invitation was sent to.

Adding a team member

To invite a new team member:

  1. In the Organization Dashboard, click the Profile icon and click Manage Organization. 
  2. Go to Team.
  3. Click Invite team member.

  4. In the Invite team member window, enter the email address of the user you would like to add and select their role:
    • Member: can access the events they've been assigned to.
    • Admin: can access all existing events, create new events, and manage the Organization.
    Note: You can change the role later. Refer to our guide on to Changing a team member's permissions to learn how.
    Important: The option to select the role is not available on the legacy Starter plan.
  5. Click Invite.
    ✔ Once the invitee accepts the invitation, you will see a new Organizer added as a team member to your Organization. Until then you will be able to find the invitation under Pending Invites where you can cancel it.

Accepting the invite

When sending an invite, the Organization owner will receive an email notification indicating that a new invitation has been sent and who sent it, along with a link to the team's page of the Organization. This email cannot be disabled. 

The invited team member will also get notified via email. Clicking Go to RingCentral will take them to the RingCentral Events sign in page. They will need to sign in or sign up with the same email address you sent the invite to.

Once they are signed in, they will see the invitation in the header of their Profile Dashboard.

Note: An account is not automatically generated for a new Organizer, but instead they must create an account to be able to accept the invitation. Share our dedicated guide on Accepting an Organizer invitation to help them get started.

What are "seats" and how do they work?

Depending on your plan, you will have a certain number of Organizer seats included in your subscription/contract.

RingCentral Events plan has 10 Organizer seats included. Once all seats are taken you won't be able to invite new team members. More seats can be added by contacting our sales team and arranging a separate annualized agreement. 

Starter plan has 1 Organizer seat included, but you can add an extra team member anytime for an additional charge:

  • The cost of an extra seat will be prorated based on the remaining time till the end of the billing cycle. The lower the number of days before the subscription renews, the lower the price.
  • Removing the seat before the end of the billing cycle will automatically apply a prorated credit based to the number of days left till the end of the billing cycle.
  • If you remove a team member, the seat will remain therefore you will need to also remove the empty seat to avoid being charged for it in the next billing period.image.png