Free vs. paid tickets

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You can use free tickets if you want your event to be free on RingCentral Events. Free tickets are free for attendees. However, organizers still have to pay for each event registration beyond the amount included in their plan. This is why it's often a good idea to have an event Sponsor to cover costs. 

To generate revenue from your event, select paid tickets and set prices.

You may also want to set up ticket tiers. For example, you could create 10 Super Early Bird tickets for free, 50 Early Bird tickets for $50, and 100 Regular Admission tickets for $100. This way, you reward your attendees for committing early. You can also create promo codes for your tickets and share them with attendees or through campaigns. 

Note: The ticket price will display the currency added on the Event Dashboard > Registration > Advanced settings only once you have connected a Stripe account. Each event can only have tickets sold in one currency. However, different events can have different currencies if needed.

The more value your event provides (i.e., through great speakers, niche content, or the high quality of attendees to network with), the more you can charge. 

Once your event is published, tickets will be available for sale. To postpone or pause the availability of your tickets, you could:

  • Set a custom close date for all tickets in the Event Dashboard > Registration > Advanced settings.
  • Set specific tickets as Closed or set up a custom ticket sales end and start dates for them in the ticket settings. 
  • Enable the waitlist for specific tickets and make more available on the day that suits you best.


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