Exhibitors: How to access your booth on the day of the event

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If you’re an Exhibitor at an event hosted on RingCentral Events, or you’ve been assigned a booth, this guide shows you how to access your booth on the day of the event.

Tip: If you've been assigned a Booth, check out our guide on how to set up your expo booth as an Exhibitor

Entering the booth

First of all you have to be registered for the event as an Attendee. Event Organizer may send you an invite. Alternatively, you will have do it via the Registration page.

When it's time for the event, clicking on your personalized link in the registration confirmation email or sign in to your account. You will have access to the whole event venue including the Expo area five minutes before the event starts.

Click Expo on the left sidebar and find your booth. Click on it to enter.

If it's a pre-recorded video, your role involves managing the Booth chat exclusively.

For a live session, upon entering the booth, click the 'Share Audio and Video' button to appear on live camera.

Ensure you've granted browser permissions for RingCentral Events to use your camera and microphone.

Allowing attendees to share their audio and video

In case there's a Moderator(s) assigned to the Booth with Session as a content provider, attendees need to request to go on-screen by sharing their audio/video and they have to be approved by a moderator to be brought on-screen.

When an attendee requests to go on-screen, the moderation toolbar button will display a red tag with the number of requests. Click on the moderation toolbar and select Moderation to approve or decline these requests. 

As a Moderator, you can click on the ••• three dots on their screen to open actions menu and to remove them. Once removed, attendees can join the screen again at any time without waiting for approval.

Toggling on your fallback provider

If a fallback provider was configured in your Booth, you can switch between video and the live session any time.

Using moderation toolbar

When a Booth is setup as a live Session, you can benefit from a number of features accessible via the moderation toolbar.

Breakout rooms

Moderators may choose to split larger Sessions into smaller groups as a way to facilitate discussions, create brainstorming sessions, and encourage larger networking. You can refer to our guide How to manage Breakout Rooms in Sessions as a Moderator to learn more.

Displaying in-session banner with a custom button

Another option available for Moderators within a Session is to create a call-to-action pop-up. This is normally used to encourage attendees to participate in a survey or visit a webpage. Here is a dedicated guide where you can learn more about this functionality: How to make a call to action banner in a Session or Expo Booth Session


Confetti is an engagement feature that enables attendees participating on screen to express appreciation by sending confetti. If this option is enabled within the Session you can trigger this effect by clicking on the video tile or screen share during the session, providing a fun way to acknowledge a speaker or highlight presented data on the slides. As a Moderator, you can disable this option in the moderation toolbar in the Attendee Engagement tab. 

Changing a screen layout

As a Moderator, you can change customize the screen setup by changing the screen layout. It often helps to enhance attendee engagement and direct their focus toward specific content. There are five pre-set screen layouts available for Sessions. Here is a dedicated guide where you can learn more about this functionality: How to change a layout in a Session

Sharing screen

Assigned moderators have the capability to share content without activating their own audio and video on stage. The Share screen option will be conveniently accessible at the bottom center of the screen.

Note: In the scenario where a Moderator is both sharing content and their audio/video, they can click Stop Sharing Audio and Video to remove themselves from the screen while keeping their content visible. To fully stop sharing, they will need to click Stop sharing as well.


If you need to share your presentation with audio, it's important to note that this option is available for sharing tabs in the Chrome browser only. Firefox browser doesn’t support sharing a tab with Sound yet. Here you can learn more about how to share audio from another app: Screenshare: Sharing audio from any third-party app

Using the activity panel

The Activity panel on the right-hand side includes multiple tabs, such as Chat, Q&A, Polls, and additional features depending on the event setup. These tabs are designed to maintain audience engagement throughout the event.

Say hello to your booth visitors and answer any questions they may have, by using the chat section.

As a Moderator, you can also create and manage Polls: How to create event polls   

When Q&A moderation is enabled in the settings,Moderators can approve and delete questions in their respective Q&A tab: How to use Q&A