Things to know before starting your event

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This guide focuses on pre-event preparation. The forthcoming tips provide essential steps to guarantee a seamless experience on the day of your major event.

Check your browser


Currently, using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and up on your laptop or computer guarantees the best experience, especially if you are an Organizer or Speaker.

However, check our browser compatibility article for more of our recommendations. 

Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience by blocking some of the RingCentral Events interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome or Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox. See Quick Troubleshooting Reference Guide for more.


On mobile devices, the experience will be limited for Organizers or Speakers but sufficient for event attendees. In case the mobile device is the only you have, we recommend downloading the RingCentral Events Mobile App. Alternatively, please make sure to use Safari on iOS and Google Chrome on Android, if you are unable to use the app.

Please check this article for more information on joining an event from your mobile.  

Check your internet connection

Video and audio streaming is heavy on your internet connection, and that's why we recommend running a speedtest (e.g. to make sure you have 30Mbps+ on both Download and Upload speed for the best experience and highest resolutions across the event.

Note: The lowest bandwidth supported is 5Mbps. Mozilla Firefox works best for low-bandwidth internet connection for laptops or computers.

Check internet settings

Several internet configurations can impact your overall experience and hinder optimal performance. Ensure VPNs, proxies, or firewalls are disabled when organizing, attending, or presenting at your event on the RingCentral Events platform.

Check your laptop or computer specs

Video streaming requires processing power. Please make sure you are using computers that are not more than three years old, have multiple core processor, 8GB+ RAM and a video graphics card that can handle 1080p 30FPS video resolution.

Register for your event as an attendee

Although you can preview your event at any time but clicking Preview Event at the top of your Event Dashboard, we recommend registering as an attendee with a different email address so that you can view your event from an attendee's perspective.

Register your speakers, moderators and exhibitors

Have your speakers and exhibitors register themselves on RingCentral Events. You can use the Hidden tickets option to send them individual links to the Registration page.

Add your Speakers in the Event Dashboard > People > Speakers page and add them to their talks on the Schedule. We've also created these handy Speaker Instructions for you to share with your speakers.

Here's some additional information on how to assign Moderators to Sessions and exhibitors to Expo Booths, too!

Complete our pre-event test

The RingCentral Events Pre-Event Check is a tool we provide to test the stream quality of users' devices before participating in events hosted on RingCentral Events. The test results will help determine if the local device set up is good to go for an event or if there are likely to be issues. It's recommended that all Organizers and speakers complete this test. 

It is available at the following URL as a dedicated page: Pre Event Check. It is also available within an event session. See how to run the test using both options in our Test your local setup with the RingCentral Events Pre-Event Check guide.

Conduct a test run

Prior to your event going live, it's advisable to conduct a test run for your scheduled Sessions or Stages.

Organizers and registered Speakers will be able to access the online event venue also prior to the event start. In this case, they will see a pop up message informing them about the event test run and a head banner stating that they're in a test run mode.

If you're using RingCentral Events Backstage powered by StreamYard to stream to your Stage, both you, as the Organizer, and your registered speakers can access the studio at any time, provided your event is published. You can find the Backstage link within your Event Dashboard on the Overview page or in the Stage settings.

If you choose RTMP, then make sure you test the links well before the event to avoid any issues on the day. See Required RTMP Streaming Encoder Settings for more information.

To allow registered Speakers to access Sessions before the event is live, you need to have Early Access enabled and be within the time period you set for it. 

Then, get the direct link from your Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions page.

See our guide How to access a Scheduled Session before the start time for complete details.

Manage RingCentral Events automated emails

RingCentral Events sends automatic emails at key points in the user journey of attending your event. These email reminders are sent to attendees for events on all plans. You can use these, turn them off, or customize them on the Events plans and legacy Business plans.

You can find more info on how to email attendees manually in our guide How to email attendees.

The emails that RingCentral Events sends are:

  • Order confirmation. Delivered when the user registers. 
  • One-hour reminder. Delivered one hour before the event starts.
  • One-day reminder. Delivered one day before the event starts.
  • Start time changed. Delivered when the event gets rescheduled.
  • Magic Link Invitations. Invitations sent by magic links.
  • Refund Processing. Delivered when refund has been successful.
  • Ticket Cancellation. Delivered when a ticket is cancelled.
  • Early Access. Delivered when your Early Access period begins, if enabled.
  • Post-Event Invitation. Delivered 2 hours after the event if recordings are published, if enabled. 

To turn off RingCentral Events emails, toggle on Disable all emails at the top of the Event Dashboard > Marketing > Customize emails page. You can also disable the emails separately.