Becoming an Organizer

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To host events on RingCentral Events, you need to create and set up your first Organization. This guide outlines the main steps you need to take to become an Organizer.

Creating a user account

You can create your RingCentral Events user account by signing up manually or have it created automatically when registering for an event hosted on our platform. This will be your attendee account enabling you to join events you're registered for. To create and host events, you will need to add an Organization to your account.

Creating an Organization

To create an Organization:

  1. Sign in into your RingCentral Events account.
  2. In the Attendee Dashboard, click Create Organization.

    Click the Profile icon and click Create new organization.

  3. Complete the required fields and accept our terms and conditions. Once ready, click Create Organization.
  4. You will be redirected to your new Organization Dashboard.

To create your first event, click Create on the Organization Dashboard. 

Tip: You can also create your first event before creating your first Organization. In this case, the Organization will be created automatically and you will need to edit its details afterwards.

Editing your Organization

To edit the Organization name, email, profile picture, description and social links, click the Profile icon and Manage Organization. Keeping these details updated is important so attendees can contact you if they encounter any issues with your event(s). For detailed steps, refer to our guide on Updating your Organization's profile.

Adding team members

More team members make organizing and running events easier. Each RingCentral Events plan includes 10 admin seats.

To invite a new team member, click the Profile icon, click Manage Organization and go to Team. For detailed steps, refer to our guide on Adding a team member to your Organization

Upgrading to RingCentral Events

The newly created Organization will be on Free trial allowing you to create unlimited draft events, access most features, explore event settings, preview the event and share admin access with 9 more team members. During the free trial, you won't be able to publish your event live and accept registrations.

To host an actual event, you will need to upgrade. An Organization can have one subscription at a time. To learn more about the available plans, refer to our guide All you need to know about RingCentral Events attendee-based pricing

Connecting Stripe

To sell paid tickets, you need to connect your Stripe account to your Organization. Stripe is the only billing platform supported on RingCentral Events.

To connect your Stripe account, click the Profile icon, click Manage Organization and go to Billing. Next to Stripe integration, click Connect with Stripe. For complete instructions, refer to our guide on Connecting your Stripe account

Selling tickets: invoices and refunds

When someone purchases a ticket for your event, RingCentral will send them a basic receipt for their purchase. If VAT invoices are required, you should issue and send them to your attendees separately. Information on who purchased which ticket type can be found in your Attendees report or the Export Orders report.

Issuing refunds for tickets purchased by your attendees is possible both via Event Dashboard in our platform and via Stripe.

For information on transactions associated with paid tickets sales, refer to our guide on Stripe Direct Billing.

Adding multiple Organizations to your account

You can have multiple Organizations tied to your RingCentral Events user account. Each Organization requires its own billing plan and Stripe account. You can use the same Stripe Merchant for all Organizations, but you will need to add it to each one individually.

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