Adding tags to schedule

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Tags can be added to Sessions, Expo Booths and schedule segments to help to navigate through the content. This guide explains how to add tags to the schedule. 


  • There are no limits on the amount of tags you can add to the schedule, but there is a 200 tag limit for the entire event.
  • Tags created in any specific area (Expo for example) will also appear across the three event areas (Sessions, Expo, schedule) not just the Expo.
  • Removed tags take about 60 minutes to disappear from the event venue. However, when removing tags and adding new ones, there's no need to wait for 60 minutes: tags will be replaced straight away. 

To add tags, go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule in a multi-track event or Event Dashboard > Setup > Schedule in a Webinar event. Here you can use the table view, calendar view.

  • In Table view, your schedule is presented in the table format.

    1. Select Table from the toggle at the top of the page.
    2. Locate a schedule segment you'd like to edit or add a new one by clicking + Quick add new.
    3. Scroll to the right to find the Tags field. In the table cell, click the Plus icon + and enter your tag.
    4. Select an existing tag or click + Create "tag" to create a new one. 

    5. To remove a tag, unselect the tag.
  • In Calendar view, your schedule is displayed in the daily schedule format.

    1. Select Calendar from the toggle at the top of the page. 
    2. To a new segment, click + Add to Schedule. To edit an existing segment, click on it directly or click on the Menu icon ••• and select Edit.

    3. In the segment settings, under Tags, enter your tag.
    4. Select an existing tag or click Add to add a new one.

    5. To remove a tag, click the Cross icon x.

    6. Once ready, click Add to schedule or Save.

Added tags are displayed directly on the schedule and attendees can use them to filter the segments. To learn more about attendee experience, refer to our guide on Attendees: Using tags to search for event segments