How to reorder Expo Booths, Sessions and Sponsors

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Numbers 1-1000 allow Organizers to order the Priority for Sessions, Expo Booths, and Sponsors with number 1 being the first and 1000 being the last entry, top to bottom.

Expo Booth Priority

Open the Venue > Expo tab on the Event Dashboard and edit the Booth to adjust the booth Priority depending on its importance for your event.

Note: Expo booths can be four sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. The booth's size will affect the dimensions of the banner.

To ensure that your Booths' banners are properly aligned within your Expo, we recommend grouping Booths within sizes first, then Priorities.

Large 900 → Large 800 → Medium 900 → Medium 800 → Small 900 → Small 800.

Check on our Image Dimensions article and Expo Tutorial for more information.

Note: When you have created booths of the same size and have assigned the same priority number, the system will order the booths chronologically in the order they were created (as opposed to alphabetically). That means the booths created first would appear first.

Sessions Priority

Open the Venue > Sessions tab on the Event Dashboard and edit the Session to adjust the session Priority depending on its importance for your event.

Note: Sessions can be two sizes: medium, and large. The Session's size will affect the dimensions of the banner. Just like in the expo area, we recommend grouping sessions within sizes first and then with priority.

Check on our Sessions Tutorial for more information.

Sponsors Priority

Once the Sponsor profiles are created, Organizers can add them to the Registration and Reception pages. Check our tutorial on adding Sponsors to your event for more information.

The Sponsor area is broken down into the three tiers: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Gold Sponsor tiles are the largest. Organizers can configure the layout of their sponsor areas by moving the tiles around in the Reception and Registration page settings.

Tip: Advanced plan customers can customize the names of the existing Sponsor tires as well as add additional tiers if needed. 

Reception page

To add Sponsors to the Reception page:

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Reception and scroll to the Sponsor area
  • Click the "+" plus icon to add Sponsor to one of the three tiers (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) or add additional tiers (Advanced plans only). 
  • Drag and Drop the Sponsor logos to change the order across the Sponsor area
  • Click Save for changes to take effect

Note: If you leave one of the tiers empty with no Sponsors added, it won't show up on the page.

To delete a Sponsor from being displayed on the Reception page, click the dotted icon on the Sponsor area and choose delete to remove the logo:

Registration page

To add Sponsors to the Registration page, you will need to navigate Event Dashboard > Registrations > Event Landing page and open the page editor. If you're using a Classic Registration page, the steps for adding and ordering the Sponsors will be the same as for the Reception page. 

To add Sponsors to a Canvas Registration page (paid plans only):

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Event Landing page and open the Canvas editor.
  • Click Sponsors on the left side bar to add a block for each sponsor tier. The tier names can be manually renamed directly in the editor.
  • Once a block is added, select it and click Import sponsors on the right side. This will list all of the Sponsors profiles created in the event.   
  • Click on each tile to move it around or delete it.

Refer to this tutorial to learn more on how Canvas works: How to set up your event registration page using Canvas



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