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When enabled, recordings of your Stage and Session segments will automatically appear in the Recordings tab of the Event Dashboard. This guide explains how to find your recordings, along with instructions on editing, downloading, deleting, and publishing them to the Replay area. Additionally, it covers recording limitations.

Enabling recordings

You must have the recording enabled in the event settings. If you enabled it half way through the segment or after you stop broadcasting, no content will be recorded. Recording is enabled by default, but it's always a good idea to double check this setting before your event.

  • In a multi-track event, to enable recording for a Stage:

    1. Go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage(s).
    2. Hover over the selected Stage and click on the Pencil icon to edit it.
    3. In the Stage settings, under Stream Provider, select the Record this stage? check box.
    4. Click Save.

    To enabled recording for a Session:

    1. Go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions.
    2. Hover over the selected Session and click on the Pencil icon to edit it.
    3. In the Session settings, under Video content, select the Record this session? check box.
    4. Click Save.

  • Unlike multi-track events, the Webinar event setup allows for either a single Stage or a single Session. To enable recording for a webinar:

    1. Go to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics.
    2. Under Recording, select the Record this webinar? check box.
    3. Click Save.

Accessing recordings

To access recordings, go to Event Dashboard > Recordings (or to Event Dashboard > More > Recordings if your event hasn't ended yet).

Here the recordings are categorized by Stages and Sessions and and listed chronologically based on their creation. Use the tabs at the top to filter recordings by segment type and date. 

To play a recording and access Recording settings, simply click on the recording.

If you're unable to locate a recording, click on the links at the bottom to view:

  • Rehearsal recordings: Test recordings made before your event was live.
  • Backup event recordings: Test recordings made during the live event and recordings of broadcasts generated from the RTMP fallback provider.

While browsing through backup and rehearsal recordings, you can filter by Stage/Session and date. To return, simply click Back to primary recordings

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When will my recordings be available?

It typically takes at least 1/3 of the broadcast length for a recording to appear on the Recordings page. For instance, if your stream lasted 60 minutes, you can anticipate seeing it in approximately 20 minutes. However, in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for recordings to become available. If your recording hasn't processed after 24 hours, please contact RingCentral Support for assistance.

Editing or deleting recordings

On the Recordings page, click the Menu icon ••• on a recording to perform the following actions:

  • Create Cuts: In the video editor, you will be able to trim or split the recoding. 
    Tip: Use this option to trim out awkward silence at the start or the end of the presentation or divide a long recording into several parts.
  • Download: A video file will be downloaded to your device. 
  • Delete: Recording will be removed from the list. 
    Note: Delete recordings cannot be recovered. 

Click on the recording to find the same options in the Recording settings. In the Recording settings, you can also click on the Pencil icon or + Add a description to edit the title (maximum 300 characters) and description.

Publishing recordings

To publish a recording:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Recordings (or to Event Dashboard > More > Recordings if your event hasn't ended yet).
  2. Next to the recording you want to make available in the Replay area, toggle Publish.
    Note: You will also find this option in the Recording settings. 
    ✔ The recording will be visible in the Replay area of the event. 

What content can't be recorded?

The following features and content will not be included in your recordings:

  • Mirroring from a Session or Stage using RTMP
  • Apps and integrations
  • Confetti feature in a Session room
  • Individual breakouts in a Session room (only main Session will get recorded)  

Can I upload recordings to Replay?

Yes, you can upload your own video files as a recording and publish it to Replay. For detailed steps, refer to our guide Uploading recordings.

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