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Speed Networking functionality is part of the Networking area. It enables short, automated 1:1 meetings, creating a personal and fun way for attendees to connect. This guide explains how to enable and set up Speed Networking and how it works from the attendee's perspective.

Enabling Speed Networking

To enabled Speed Networking:

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics to ensure the Networking area is enabled:
    • Under Event areas, select the Networking check box.
    • Click Save.

  2. Next, go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Networking.
  3. Under Speed Networking, toggle on Enable speed networking.
    ✔ Speed networking settings appear below.

  4. Select how you would like pair people up:
    • Random: everyone can meet everyone.
    • By ticket type: match attendees based on their ticket type.
  5. Set up minimum and maximum meeting length.
  6. Click Save

Setting up ticket matching

To match attendees based on ticket type:

  1. Under By ticket type section, click Use this option.
    Note: If you have 1 ticket type only, the option will be disabled. Create more tickets to set up ticket matching for your Speed Networking. 

  2. Next, click Change settings.
  3. In the Ticket type matching rules window, configure the matching tickets for each ticket type. Click on the field and select the tickets from the drop-down one by one.

  4. Once ready, close the Ticket type matching rules window and click Save.

Attendee experience

In the Networking area, under Speed Networking, click Join now. You will be randomly paired with someone else who has also clicked Join now in the 1:1 video chat.

Meeting length

Networking meetings have a configured minimum and maximum length. You will see the countdown timer indicating the amount of time left. When the time expires, the meeting ends.

Once the minimum meeting duration has past, you will be able to leave the meeting by clicking Stop sharing Audio and Video. The minimum meeting duration works as a safeguard to prevent attendees from rifling through meetings as fast as possible to reach a desired person.


Click Connect to quickly and easily exchange contact information, similar to exchanging business cards at a physical event.

If you choose to connect, the other will get a notification suggesting to exchange contacts. 

If both of you choose to connect, you will see a small pop-up informing the connection has been successful. You will see each other's contact details under Connections in the Networking area or in the Profile Dashboard.


When the meeting is approaching its end, the countdown timer will turn yellow. Click Extend to extend it. 

The other participant will get a notification to confirm if they wish to extend the meeting.

Note: The extended time is determined by the maximum meeting length configured in the Networking settings. The networking meeting can be extended by the participants an unlimited number of times. 

Speed Networking rules and tips

  • Recordings: Speed Networking meetings are not recorded.
  • Screen sharing: Screen sharing is not possible in a Speed Networking meeting.
  • Camera access: In order to begin a Speed Networking meeting, an attendee must have a camera and microphone connected to their device and allowed in their browser, but they can turn off their camera in the actual meeting.
  • Matching rules: You can only match with the same person once per event. If you've already met everyone, you won't be able to connect with someone again. 
  • Changing Speed Networking settings: Attendees will need to reload the browser tab or navigate away and back to the Networking area to see the changes. 
  • Speed Networking vs 1:1 meetings: Attendees can also set up 1:1 meetings with other attendees via the People tab. 

Speed Networking analytics

Download Speed Networking Report to get the list of all Speed Networking meetings conducted in the event. The report includes registration details of both attendees and whether or not they decided to connect. 

Event Summary report includes the number of connections made at the event. 

Connections Report provides a summary of the usage of the 'Connect' button per attendee: connections established, requests sent and received.


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