Embedding the RingCentral Events platform or its parts

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We recognize the importance for Organizers to embed the Registration page effectively. To address this, we offer a range of options and best practices within our registration suite.

Embedding the Registration Page

You have the option to create a registration widget that can be embedded as an iFrame on a third-party website. This allows you to host the complete event signup process directly on your website. For more details, refer to our article: How to embed the event registration page on a third-party website

Embedding the Schedule 

In addition, you can generate an embed code via iFrame for your event's schedules. This enables you to embed the code on third-party websites, displaying the schedule seamlessly. For further details, refer to our guide: How to embed the Schedule widget on a third-party website

Creating a Public event

All Organizers on any paid plan can create unlimited Public events. Once the event is Public, it will be indexed by search engines.

Once you create a landing page and link the CTA button to the event registration page, you can start promoting your event and drive traffic to your website.

Combining the two proven approaches, you can get maximum exposure before your event starts.

Embedding the whole RingCentral Events platform

RingCentral Events platform can only be accessed at https://hopin.com/sign_in website and cannot be embedded (except for the Registration page and the Schedule).

We care about the data protection of our customers and have implemented all necessary measures to keep the data protected from unauthorized access or abusing customers.

Embedding our platform to any third-party solution will put at risk the Attendees, Organizers, and Speakers since in no way we will be able to check the security of a third-party solution and guarantee the same level of security we provide when accessing our website.


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