Browser compatibility for RingCentral Events

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Currently, RingCentral Events platform is fully compatible with Desktop (web) on the following browsers updated to the latest version:

We recommend running a desktop browser for the best and seamless experience across the RingCentral Events platform.

Note: Other independent browsers that accept webRTC technology may be compatible. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (non-chromium) are not compatible on desktops.

Also note that each browser has their own implementation of the technologies we use at RingCentral Events and some work better with them, worse, or not at all. This is why we recommend Chrome and Firefox but cannot currently guarantee other browsers will work as expected.


Events on RingCentral Events can be accessed by attendees on our mobile apps on both iOS devices or Android devices.

You can also use mobile browsers, however, they offer limited compatibility and we recommend using the app whenever possible on mobile devices.

If you must choose to use a browser, for Android, we recommend Google Chrome, and for iOS/iPadOS we recommend using Safari. 

Note: No downloads are required for the web browser, however, downloadable apps for mobile devices are the best experience for watching an event.

Additionally, speakers may experience unexpected audio muting issues when using mobile web browsers especially with Safari on Apple devices. Speakers should use desktop or laptop devices for the best experience.

Please check our event troubleshooting article and our Quick Troubleshooting Reference Guide in case you experience any issues with accessing parts of the event.

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