Can I join an event hosted on RingCentral Events from a mobile device?

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An event hosted on RingCentral Events can also be accessed by Attendees on a mobile browser or via the RingCentral Events app (iOS and Android), however, both access methods have some limited compatibility for Speakers and Organizers to keep in mind, see below. They do allow to view Stages, Sessions, Expo booths, use the chat feature, and respond to meeting invites.

Note: When logged into the Mobile app, you will see all events that you have registered for using the same account you logged into the app with. Therefore, if you registered for an event on a web browser using the same account, you will automatically be able to access the event from the Mobile app home page. 

Mobile browsers supported


iOS, iPadOS (Apple)

Note: No downloads are required for the web browser, however, downloadable apps for mobile devices are recommended for the best experience.

Limitations of using a mobile browser

There are some limitations of viewing an event hosted on RingCentral Events within a browser on a mobile device therefore we would always recommend downloading an app or using a computer to access the event. If these are not an option and you must use your mobile web browser, then you may experience some audio issues.

For example, on iOS and iPadOS devices, attendees may be muted by default upon entering the Networking segment of the event. 

It is not possible to screenshare from a mobile device. 

Note: If speakers/presenters are sharing a YouTube video in a session, currently it will not display for mobile users. 

Please check our Browser-related article in case there are any issues accessing the event.

One click event access with the RingCentral Events app

It is possible to join an event with one click if the RingCentral Events app is installed by clicking on your order email received at the time of registration or on the link contained in the invite email sent to you by the Event Organiser. These links will automatically open the RingCentral Events app (if installed) and take you in the live event, or to the event's home page if not yet live, without having to sign in to your account.

Note: If this is the first time you use RingCentral Events with a specific email address you will first be taken to a page where you have to agree to the RingCentral Events terms and conditions before being redirected inside the event.

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