Expo FAQs

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Here you will find the list of frequently asked questions on Expo Booths. Check out our Expo Tutorial to get more details on how the Expo segment works.

Q: What is the Expo segment?

A: The Expo area of RingCentral Events is the exhibitor hall of digital booths at your event. For organisers, the Expo area is a huge asset to your event.

Q: Can attendees access the expo booths at any time during the event?

A: As long as the expo feature is not disabled, attendees can access the booths at any time during the event. Booths can be accessed from the schedule (if added to it) as well as by going to the Expo section of an event at any time. 

Q: What kind of content can I place in the booths?

A: You can place videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, broadcast live sessions in the booth or display content from Google Slides.

Q: How many booths can I have for my event?

A: You can create and run an unlimited number of booths for your event.

Q: How many people can present in or view a booth set to session?

A: The maximum number of speakers allowed to present on camera in a booth set to session is 10. The maximum number of attendees who can watch the Expo booth set to session varies up to 5000 viewers depending on the number of speakers. More info can be found in our Max On-Screen and Viewer Limits article.

Q: Can I make a booth ticket-specific so only those ticket holders can access the booth?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict access to Expo Booths to specific ticket holders. This feature is only available for the Stage and Sessions.

Q: How can I see who is currently in the booth?

A: While inside a booth, click on the People tab at the top right of the page. Attendees currently in the booth will be displayed, with a green dot by their names.

If the People tab is disabled by the Organizer, you won’t be able to see who’s inside the booth unless they post something in the Chat section.

Q: Is it possible to invite Exhibitors to set up their booths?

A: This feature is available on the Advanced plans only. On the Starter and Growth plans, organizers have to set up the booths for the Exhibitorss.

Q: Can I hide the booths until a particular time during my event?

A: You have the option to disable any of the main event areas (Stage, Sessions, Networking and Expo) through your event dashboard. You can do this anytime before or during the event. Attendees will need to do a quick refresh if the area is enabled/disabled during the event. 

Q: How can my Exhibitors access their booths?

A: For Exhibitors to access their booths, they need to click on the booths like regular attendees on the day of the event. They will be able to engage with the visitors through the chat section and on camera if it’s a live session in the booth.

If you set sessions in the booths, then you need to add the Exhibitors as moderators so they can control who comes on screen with audio and video.

Q: Can I order my booths in a certain way?

A: When setting up your booths, you can order them according to priority. Numbers 1-1000 will regulate the way booths are ordered top to bottom on the Expo page. 1 is the first booth to be displayed and 1000 is the last one. You can also select different sizes for your booths. The size reflects the importance of a booth at the event - Mini, small, medium or large. To ensure that your booths' banners are properly aligned within your expo area, we recommend grouping booths within sizes first, then Priorities.

Q: What if I create booths of the same size and priority?

A: When you have created booths of the same size and have assigned the same priority number, the system will order the booths chronologically in the order they were created (as opposed to alphabetically). That means the booths created first would appear first.

Q: Can I add a ‘call to action’ in my booths?

A: Yes, and at this time, you can add only one at a time.

Q: I have a PDF file I want to share in a booth, how can I do that?

A: We recommend that you upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox etc., get a shareable link and post it to the booth chat, then pin it to the top of the chat. Booth Exhibitors may have to contact the organizer to do that as only the organizer has the access to pin chat messages. You can also make use of the Additional Information area when creating the booths to place all files and other information.

Q: Can I add social media links in a booth?

A: Absolutely! When creating the booth, you have the option to add a website link and social media links - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also use the Additional Information space provided to add more info.

Q: Can our Exhibitors keep a pre-recorded video up in their booth during the entire event and then switch to host a livestream when they like? Or is it one or the other?

A: Selecting Sessions as your content provider, you have the option to add a Fallback provider while creating the booth. The fallback provider allows you to select videos to be played from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Google Slides to be displayed while you are absent from your Booth. 

Organizers or Moderators can toggle the Fallback provider ON or OFF at any time. Toggle ON when you’re ready to have a live presentation and OFF when you are absent from your booth. 

For more information, check out this guide.

Q: Can my event attendees access the booths after the event is over?

A: Once the end time of the event hits, the “virtual doors” close and nobody is able to see any segment of the event. Only the Organisers are able to see the analytics and reports of their events, and choose how they’d like to share this. Example; sharing the event recordings on Social Media.

Q: Which apps are supported in booths?

A: There are several apps that can be used in the Expo Booths. Check out this article for a full list of in apps and where they can be used.

Alternatively, you can go to our app store and filter by Event Area.