Setting up Sertifier

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By using the Sertifier x RingCentral Events integration, you can send digital certificates and badges to your event attendees automatically. Sending process will be activated once an attendee completes a certain percentage of your event.

To install the Sertifier app:

  1. Go to your Organization Dashboard
  2. Go to Apps and click Discover more apps. You can find Sertifier under Polls & surveys category. 
    (Or use this direct link to open the app page).

  3. Click Install app.
    ✔ You will be prompted to confirm your choice. Click Install to continue. 

  4. On the new page, click Allow access to accept the integration terms.
    ✔ You will be redirected to the Sertifier log in page. If you are already logged in, you will be redirected directly to the Sertifier app.

  5. In Sertifier app, configure a certificate that is going to be sent once a participant attends your event and create a new integration to set up the attendance percentage. For detailed steps on how to do it, refer to the Sentifier Help Center