Adding LinkedIn company page and event community links

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Integrating LinkedIn into your event landing page is a great way to enhance community engagement and networking opportunities.

To add LinkedIn buttons to the registration confirmation screen for attendees to visit your LinkedIn company page and join your LinkedIn event community: 

  1. Go to Event Dashboard > Registrations > Landing Page
  2. Under Add Ons > LinkedIn, toggle one or both options:
    • LinkedIn Company Page
    • LinkedIn Event Community
  3. Enter Company Page URL and/or Event URL.
    Note: Your LinkedIn event needs to be upcoming or live. Adding a URL to a past event will not redirect users to the LinkedIn page. 
  4. Click Save next to the added URL.  

When attendees complete their registration, they will be prompted to visit your LinkedIn company page and join the LinkedIn event community if these options have been added. Additionally, they will always have the option to share their registration on LinkedIn, regardless of your configuration.

Note: The design of the registration confirmation page may vary slightly depending on whether the user is signed in to their RingCentral account.