Disconnecting HubSpot from RingCentral Events

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The integration with HubSpot allows to import registrations or to send the attendee data into your CRM for tailors post-messaging. If your event has ended or if you've connected the wrong HubSpot account, you may need to uninstall the integration. This guide explains how to disconnect the integration from both your RingCentral Account and your HubSpot account.

Note: Once the integration is uninstalled, it prevents any further data syncing and passing between the two apps, RingCentral Events and HubSpot, until the app is reinstalled. Any information that has already been synced will not revert.

Tip: If you need a guide on how to install the HubSpot app, refer to one of the following, depending on your plan and needs:

Disconnecting HubSpot from RingCentral Events

To disconnect HubSport from your RingCentral Events account:

1. In your Organization Dashboard, go to Apps

2. Under Installed apps, locate HubSport and click Options. Then click Uninstall.

3. In the dialog box, click Uninstall once again. 

Disconnecting RingCentral Events from HubSpot

To disconnect RingCentral Events from your HubSpot account:

1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reporting & Data > Integrations.

(Or click on the Gear icon to open your account settings. Under Account Setup, go to Integrations > Connected Apps.) 

2. Locate RingCentral Events among the connected apps and click Actions. Then click Uninstall.

3. In the dialog box, type “uninstall” in the text field and click Uninstall.