Upgrading to RingCentral Events plan

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RingCentral Events operates on an attendee-based licensing model, allowing scalability based on the maximum attendee count per event. This guide explains how to upgrade your plan, whether transitioning from a Free trial or a different plan.

There are 8 tiered annual plans, with 3 of them available for self-upgrade:

RingCentral Events 100 (self served)
RingCentral Events 500 (self served)
RingCentral Events 1000 (self served)
RingCentral Events 2000 (sales led)
RingCentral Events 3000 (sales led)
RingCentral Events 5000 (sales led)
RingCentral Events 7500 (sales led)
RingCentral Events 10000 (sales led)

For detailed insights into how these plans operate, refer to the following guide: All you need to know about RingCentral Events attendee-based pricing

Upgrading from Free trial

  1. In the Organization Dashboard, click the Profile icon and select your Organization from the list.

  2. Click Choose a plan on the banner displayed across your Organization Dashboard.
    ✔ You will be directed to the Billing page.

    (Or click the Profile icon, click Manage organization, and go to the Billing tab).

  3. On the Billing page, click the column corresponding to your preferred attendee limit.
  4. If selecting the RingCentral Events 100, 500 or 1000 plan, click Go to checkout.
    ✔ You will be brought to the Stripe Checkout page to complete your payment details.

  5. If selecting the RingCentral Events 2000 plan or above, click Contact sales.
    ✔ Fill in the form, and a member of our Sales team will get in touch to assist you.

Increasing your attendee limit

If you're on RingCentral Events plan, you may need to change your subscription to increase your attendee limit.

  1. In the Organization Dashboard, click the Profile icon. In the drop-down, click Manage organization.

  2. Go to the Billing tab.
  3. Click on the column to select a higher attendee limit.
  4. Depending on your selection you will be presented with the option to contact sales or proceed with the upgrade.

Note: The final charge will be prorated based on your current plan and the billing cycle. For example, if you've used Events 500 for 2 month ($4990/year) and upgrading to Events 1000 ($9490/year), you will be paid the extra amount for the remaining 10 month.  

Upgrading from the Starter/Growth/Business plan

If you're on one of our legacy plans (Starter, Growth, or Business), the Billing page will contain the information about your current plan and will not display the option to upgrade to the new RingCentral Events plan. In this case, transitioning to our attendee-based pricing structure requires initiating a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website.

Signing up for a paid plan via website

If you don't have a RingCentral user account yet, you can create one and sign up for the Events 100, 500 or 1000 plan via our pricing page:

  1. Visit our RingCentral Events Pricing page and click Buy now.
    ✔ A popup window appears.
  2. Select the desired attendee limit per event. If selecting RingCentral Events 100, 500 or 1000, click Sign up.

    Note: If you're interested in the RingCentral Events 3000+ plan, you will be prompted to Contact sales. Fill in the form, and a member of our Sales team will get in touch to assist you.

  3. Complete the sign-up process with your details. First, enter you email address and click Continue to sign up. Then, enter your name and password and click Sign up.
    ✔ At this point, a user account and a Free organization will be automatically created for you, and you will receive a notification email. You will be brought directly to the Stripe Checkout page to complete your payment details.