Advanced landing page: Using AI Writer

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Crafting compelling and engaging copy is crucial for driving registrations and creating interest in your event. Utilizing the AI Writer tool in the advanced landing page editor can be a valuable resource to overcome writer's block and generate impactful content. The AI Writer tool is designed to assist you in creating catchy and effective copy that resonates with your audience with a couple of clicks.

Note: Advanced landing page layout helps to quickly build and launch event registration pages based on one of the prepared themes. You only need to customize the colors and fonts to match your brand, replace the images, insert your copy, and add new content blocks if applicable. You can access the editor in the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Landing Page tab. Here you can learn more about it: Setting up landing page: advanced layout

In the advanced landing page editor, select a text block and to access the AI Writer option.

Here you will find several options: 

  • Generate new text: Generates new copy based on your prompt and preferred length and tone.
  • Rewrite: This allows you to rewrite the highlighted text for improvement.
  • Make shorter: Shortens the highlighted text.
  • Make longer: Expands the highlighted text.

The last three option will become clickable if you highlight a piece of text in the text box. The way the highlighted text can be replaced with an improved, shortened or expanded version generated by AI. 

Tip: You can always click Undo button at the top right or press cmd+z / ctr+z to revert changes if you aren't happy with the results.

Selecting Generate new text option will open a new field where you can write your prompt. Once you're done, click Generate or press Enter. 

Once the text is generated, you can adjust its length (make shorter or make longer) and tone (informal, formal, funny, urgent, friendly or encouraging). Feel free to experiment with different prompts, tones, and adjustments to tailor the copy to your audience and event theme.

Click Insert below when you're happy with your copy!

The text will be inserted below your original copy. Compare, adjust and delete any parts you don't need manually. 

That's how you use the AI Writer! Don't hesitate to leverage this tool to enhance the messaging on your event landing page and boost registration rates!