All you need to know about RingCentral Events attendee-based pricing

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RingCentral Events, previously known as Hopin Events, offers an all-in-one video-first event platform designed to simplify the planning, production, management, and re-experience of virtual and hybrid events.

Our flexible plans revolve around attendee capacity, accommodating events that are up to 240 hours long hosting up to 100,000 attendees. These plans operate on an attendee-based licensing model, providing scalability tailored to the maximum attendee count per event.

Each attendee-based license ensures access to the full array of platform features, including Magic Link invites, email customization, advanced branding options, and robust analytics tools.

Attendees vs Registrants

To understand RingCentral Events’ attendee-based pricing model, it’s essential to distinguish between an attendee and a registrant.

A registration defines a seat allowing a participant to register for an event, regardless of their actual attendance or participation in the event.

An attendee defines a seat enabling a participant to access an event. Registrants who access the platform post-event to view recordings in the Replay area are also counted as attendees.

It's important to note that the total counts of registrations and attendees might differ for each event. For instance, you may have 5,000 registrations for an event, but only 700 of them attend. Hence, choosing a suitable plan should be based on your expected attendance rates.  

Available Plans

Attendees per event licenses determine how many total attendees can attend one of your events. The attendee count is measured on a per-event basis. RingCentral Events offers tiered annual plans:

  • RingCentral Events 100 (for events hosting up to 100 attendees)
  • RingCentral Events 500
  • RingCentral Events 1000
  • RingCentral Events 2000
  • RingCentral Events 3000
  • RingCentral Events 5000
  • RingCentral Events 7500
  • RingCentral Events 10000

For example, with a RingCentral Events 1,000 license, you could host two events with 800 attendees and a third event with 1,000 attendees. If the number of attendees at one event exceeds the number of attendee credits purchased, we reserve the right to enforce the purchase of a subscription plan with a higher number of attendees per event included.

Note: To transition to our attendee-based pricing, refer to How to Upgrade to the RingCentral Events Plan. 

Additional Admin Seats

Each RingCentral Events annual license includes 10 admin seats. Organizations requiring additional administrative support can purchase extra seats, with costs prorated based on the remaining billing cycle. Prorated credits are automatically applied upon seat removal before the billing period ends.

Here is a dedicated guide explaining how to add a new team member: How to add another team member to your Organization

Note: To purchase additional admin seats, schedule a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website.  

Lead Retrieval Credits

If you are setting up Lead Retrieval for your exhibitors at your onsite or hybrid event, then you will need to purchase Lead Retrieval credits to get started. The Lead Retrieval Credits are sold per exhibiting company per event. 

Here you can learn more about how Lead Retrieval works: How to enable and assign Lead Retrieval Credits

Note: To purchase Lead Retrieval credits, schedule a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website.  

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality can be activated for accounts on the Events 1000 plan and above. We advise customers to collaborate directly with their Customer Success Manager to ensure the successful activation of this capability.

Here is a guide where you can learn more about this feature: Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO)


Will my attendees be allowed to enter an event if I have reached my attendee per event limit?

We want to ensure a seamless event experience for both event attendees and hosts. As such, we will not prevent attendees from registering or entering your event if you reach that event’s attendee limit as allocated by your plan. However, in the case that you reach your per event attendee limit we reserve the right to enforce the purchase of a Subscription plan with a higher number of Attendees per event included.

Is the attendee limit counted based on the number of concurrent attendees or total attendees?

The attendee limit is based on the total number of attendees accessing the online venue throughout an event. This count encompasses all users entering the event at any time, including post-event hours to watch the Replay. 

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