How to make a call to action banner in a Session or Expo Booth Session

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To encourage your attendees to participate in a survey or visit your website, you have the option to create a call-to-action pop-up.

You can create a banner in a Session or an Expo Booth whose content provider is set to Session. See more details in our How to create and set up a Session, and Expo Tutorial guides.

Creating a Session banner

To create a call to action banner inside a Session, Organizers and assigned Moderators will need to click on the moderation toolbar button in the bottom left of the screen and select New Session Banner

This will open a pop-up window where you will need to fill in the following fields:

  • Banner title (required): The title of the call to action banner
  • Button text (required): What the banner button will say
  • Button link URL (required): The link that the button will open in a new tab. This can be an external URL or a link to another area of your RingCentral Events event. Must be formatted with https://
  • Description: Optionally, add a description to your banner
  • Display time (minutes): How many minutes from the time of posting that your banner will be visible to attendees.

Check your preview banner on the right and then click Show Banner.

All viewers will see the banner in the Session's bottom right corner.

Tracking banner interactions

You can find out who interacted with the call to action in the Attendee Log Report.

Download it in your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports page.

The report will look something like this:


It will include information about the attendee and will indicate when they clicked on the call to action banner (start time), whether it was in the Sessions or Expo event area (Segment Type), and the name of the specific Session or Expo it was in (Virtual Space), as well as the URL of the banner (Segment Title).

FAQs about Session banners 

Q: How do you remove the banner?

A: Each attendee must manually click the X to remove the banner before expiration. If the Moderator or Organizer closes the pop-up, it will not close it for all attendees; they will still need to close it themselves or wait for it to expire.

Q: Can you open the banner again once it's closed?

A: Once closed, the banner cannot be re-opened nor found in notifications.

Q: Can you display more than one banner at a time?

No, only one banner can be displayed at a time. The current banner will be replaced by a new one if created. 

Q: Can you schedule a call-to-action banner?

A: No, banners can't be scheduled at this time.

Q: When the banner is published, does the display time countdown start when an attendee sees it?

A: No, the banner is visible for the specified amount of display time from the moment of posting, regardless of when a user sees it. For example, if the Organizer posts the banner for 30 minutes at 7 PM, it will disappear at 7:30 PM, even if an attendee enters the segment and sees the button at 7:29 PM.