RingCentral Events Onsite Pre-event Checklists

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Hosting a Hybrid or an Onsite event? Below are some essential checklists to review before your event setup day to ensure a seamless setup.

Any Hybrid or Onsite Event

Have you…

Step 1 → Created the Event?  Creating a Hybrid event OR Creating an Onsite event

Step 2 → Configured Global Registration Settings? Advanced event registration settings

Step 3 → Created Ticket Types? How to create tickets

Step 4 → Added Attendees? Use one or several of the following options:

Step 5 (optional) → Added Floor Plans (max of 10)? How to add floor plans to your event

Specific Checklists by Solution

Ensure you can confirm all of the below is completed BEFORE Set up Day!

Check In

Track Event Attendance Onsite with Check In

Step 1 → Are Check-in Areas setup? Creating and managing Onsite Check in areas

Step 2 → Is the Check In Journey decided? Staff-led Check In can be tested Using the RingCentral Events Organizer App

IF attendees self-serve check in using Kiosk Mode, then…

Step 3 (optional) → Is any signature collection setup? How to setup signature collection for your event

Step 4 → Is the Kiosk Mode journey tested fully? How to set up Kiosk Mode

Segment Check In

Track Segment Attendance Onsite with Segment Check In

Step 1 → Are Check-in Areas setup? Creating and managing Onsite Check in areas

Step 2 → Are the Onsite Segments Added accurately to the Schedule?

Lead Retrieval

Offer Exhibitors Tracking Onsite with Lead Retrieval

Step 1 → Are Licenses Purchased? – To obtain a quote schedule a call with our sales team through the contact form on our website.

Step 2 → Are the Booths Created? Use one of the following options:

Step 3 → Are Exhibitors Invited?  How to invite Exhibitors to set up and manage an Expo Booth

Step 4 → Are Licenses Assigned?  How to enable and assign Lead Retrieval Credits

Step 5 → Are Exhibitors Trained and Booths Setup? – We recommend sending exhibitors Setting up an Expo Booth as an Exhibitor.

Badge Printing

Streamline Badge Production with On-demand Badge Printing

Step 1 → Is the Printer Determined? Hardware Compatibility for RingCentral Events Onsite 

Step 2 → Are the Badge Types Created?  How to create a badge

Step 3 → Are the Badge Designs Created?  How to use the badge designer

Step 4 → Have you tested the Printing journey?  How to setup Badge Printing for an Onsite Event

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