Hopin Onsite Pre-event Checklists

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Note: The Lead Retrieval and Badge Printing features are currently available only to Enterprise and Advanced add-on customers who already have access to them and are no longer available to purchase. After August 30th, these features will be deprecated. 


The below are some essential checklists you would want to go through BEFORE setup day for your event to ensure the setup is smooth!

Any Hybrid or Onsite Event

Have you…

Step 1 → Created the Event  Creating a Hybrid event OR Creating an Onsite event

Step 2 → Configured Global Registration Settings Setting up the event registration details and waitlist

Step 3 → Created Ticket Types How to create tickets

Step 4 → Added Attendees → Use 1 or more of: Setup Hopin’s Registration How to create a registration form OR Bulk Upload How to bulk upload registrants OR Magic Links How to create and use Magic Links

Step 5 (optional) → Added Floor Plans (max of 10) How to add floor plans to your event

Step 6 (optional) → Decided on In-person Logistics Services (ie: staffing, hardware and consumables) Comparing Options for In-person Logistics Services

Specific Checklists by Solution

Ensure you can confirm all of the below is completed BEFORE Set up Day!

Check In

Track Event Attendance Onsite with Check In

IF attendees self-serve check in using Kiosk Mode, then…

Segment Check In

Track Segment Attendance Onsite with Segment Check In

Lead Retrieval

Offer Exhibitors Tracking Onsite with Lead Retrieval

Badge Printing

Streamline Badge Production with On-demand Badge Printing

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