Train Attendees, Exhibitors and Staff for Hopin Onsite

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Train Attendees for Hopin Onsite

As an attendee, you could interact with Hopin Onsite in several ways depending on the event:

If you are using the Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android), here are some other articles you might find useful:

Train Exhibitors for Hopin Onsite

Since Exhibitors leverage the Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android) as an attendee, they will be the ones using the guide. Exhibitors will be sent the guide automatically when they are assigned a license; however, we encourage multiple touch points so exhibitors are well informed.

Send Exhibitors the Guide – Hybrid: Using the Hopin Mobile App as an Expo Booth Exhibitor

The guide contains:

  • Adding a new lead
  • Editing an existing lead
  • Exporting leads

Train Staff for Hopin Onsite

Step 1 → Login to the Organizer AppHow to log in to the Hopin Organizer app

Step 2 → View/Edit Attendee InformationHow to view and edit Attendee information on the Organizer app

Step 3 → Learn about the Relevant Role(s)

Role A | Event Check In Staff

Role B | Kiosk Check In Staff

Role C | Segment Check In Staff

Role D | On-demand Badge Printing Staff

Network is the Most Common Issue! The Organizer App device MUST be on the same internet connection as the Printer. If the Organizer App is not connecting to a Printer, please check that the devices are connected to the same network and that there are no security settings preventing devices from connecting to each other through a network.

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