How to Troubleshoot Hopin Onsite

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Hopin Onsite connects the Event Dashboard, Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android), and Hopin Organizer app to enable hybrid and onsite events. The below links and steps provide stakeholders with a single page to find solutions to potential problems onsite.

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Helping Attendees

Onsite and Hybrid Attendees use the Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android).

Helping Exhibitors

Onsite and Hybrid Exhibitors are also Attendees that use the Hopin Mobile App (iOS and Android).

The Exhibitor Doesn’t Have Access to Lead Retrieval! → The Organizer needs to…

Helping Staff

Onsite Staff use the Hopin Organizer app.

Organizer Troubleshooting

Organizers configure using the Event Dashboard.

Hardware & Internet Troubleshooting

Onsite Organizers may need to troubleshoot internet and hardware depending on their setup. Hardware Compatibility for Hopin Onsite provides links to setup guides from Choose 2 Rent that provide troubleshooting for many common hardware issues like: Skipping Labels; Labels Jamming; Not powering on; Not Printing/calibrating; Faded Print

QR Codes are NOT Scanning!

Internet Note: If the device is offline, then the guest list cannot update! Any attendee added after the download will not scan until the device connects to the internet and syncs the list again!

Step 1 | Is only one (1) scanner unable to read the QR code? → Ensure it is signed in to the correct event and the app is updated. You may need to reconnect to the internet to download updates!

Step 2 | Multiple Scanners are not Scanning it! → Confirm the QR is from the right event and Hopin’s system.

Step 3 | If the QR is from the right event and cannot be scanned by multiple devices → Please contact support How to Contact Hopin Support with the types of devices and Hopin event information.

The Badge Is NOT Printing!

  Network is the Most Common Issue! The Organizer App device MUST be on the same internet connection as the Printer. If the Organizer App is not connecting to a Printer, please check that the devices are connected to the same network and that there are no security settings preventing devices from connecting to each other through a network. If this doesn’t help try to reset the printers > Zebra printers have a factory reset option.

Question 1 → Is the Printer connected via the Organizer App?

      • Is the printer on?
      • Is the printer calibrated with the stock?
      • Is the printer connected to the internet?
      • Is the printer able to print without Hopin’s software?
  • Is the device with the Organizer App connected to the same network as the printer? – In the Device’s Network Settings, ensure the device is connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Is the network ready to connect the printer to the Organizer App? – Sometimes, network security settings can block the connection. You may need to work with the internet provider to reduce security restrictions on port 9999. There are other methods of getting devices to see each other via a network; however, it will depend entirely on the network you are leveraging.

Question 2 → Is Auto-print On? If not, you’d need to manually print! Review Turning on Auto-Print to check your configuration.

Question 3 → Are badges assigned properly? Please make sure that you have created a badge (How to create a badge) and assigned it to the correct ticket type(s)(How to use the badge designer). If there is no badge assigned, a badge wouldn’t print!

Multiple Badges are Printing!

Step 1 | Is only one (1) printer printing multiple badges? → Check Hardware Compatibility for Hopin Onsite for references to troubleshoot that specific printer. It likely needs to be factory reset and re-calibrated. If the single printer continues to have issues, please contact the hardware provider.

Step 2 | Multiple Printers are doing it! → Ensure there is only one (1) badge associated with each registration type!

Step 3 | There is only one badge design per registration type! → Ensure the badge design size matches the actual badge size!

Step 4 | If all of the above has been done accurately → Please contact support How to Contact Hopin Support with the types of devices and Hopin event information.

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