Streamline Badge Production with On-demand Badge Printing

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Why and What? [Before Reading More]

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

  • Setup the Basics
  • Configure the Journey
  • Determine In-person Logistics
  • Enhance the Experience

Train Onsite Stakeholders [Pre Event] → See Train Attendees, Exhibitors and Staff for RingCentral Events Onsite

Reporting [Post Event] → See Report for RingCentral Events Onsite Solutions

Network is the Most Common Issue! The Organizer App device MUST be on the same internet connection as the Printer. If the Organizer App is not connecting to a Printer, please check that the devices are connected to the same network and that there are no security settings preventing devices from connecting to each other through a network.

Why and What? [Before Reading More]

What? – This guide helps you understand how to Streamline Badge Production by leveraging RingCentral Events Onsite’s On-demand Badge Printing functionality.

Why would I use it?

  • Reduce the number and complexity of queues
  • Reduce Mistakes on Credentials
  • Reduce lead time for personalization
  • Any other reason you can think of for printing credentials onsite

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

Setup the Basics

Step 1 → Create the Event  Creating a Hybrid event OR Creating an Onsite event

Step 2 → Configure Global Registration Settings Advanced event registration settings

Step 3 → Create Ticket Types How to create tickets

Step 4 → Add Attendees → Use 1 or more of the below options!

Step 1 → Decide on the Printer Journey

Integrated Printers (No Laptop Required) – Zebra and Brother offer Black & White printers that can be connected directly to RingCentral Events Organizer app. Specific models can be found at  Hardware Compatibility for RingCentral Events Onsite. If the experience requires different printers or on-demand color printing, then you will select option B.

Step 2 → Create the Badge Types  How to create a badge

Where can you adjust this? – Event Dashboard > Onsite > Badges page

Decisions you will make:

  • Badge Design Name(s)
  • Which Printer will you use?
  • Which Label Type will you use?

Step 3 → Create the Badge Designs  How to use the badge designer

Where can you adjust this? – Event Dashboard > Onsite > Badges page

Decisions you will make:

Step 4 → Connect a Printer  How to setup Badge Printing for an Onsite Event

Where can you adjust this? – Organizer App > Side Menu > Devices

Decisions you will make:

Determine In-person Logistics

Registration Consumables (ie: badges, lanyards, badge holders, etc.)

These items can be purchased in a variety of configurations depending on the desired final product. The printers used, number of event days, timeline and eco-friendly expectations are common factors you might weigh while making your decision. We recommend discussing options with Certified In-person Logistics Suppliers.

Enhance the Experience

Would you like to add a Floor Plan? (max of 10) How to add floor plans to your event

Decisions you will make:

  • Name of Floor / Area / Building
  • Image (PNG, JPG or PDF)

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