Track Segment Attendance Onsite with Segment Check In

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Why and What? [Before Reading More]

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

  • Setup the Basics
  • Configure the Journey
  • Enhance the Experience

Train Onsite Stakeholders [Pre Event] → See Train Attendees, Exhibitors and Staff for RingCentral Events Onsite

Reporting [Post Event] → See Report for RingCentral Events Onsite Solutions

Why and What? [Before Reading More]

What? – This guide helps you understand how to Track Segment Attendance Onsite by leveraging RingCentral Events Onsite’s Segment Scanning functionality.

Why would I use it?

  • Measure ROI
  • Understand Active Attendance in a Room or Area
  • Compliance
  • Capacity Tracking for Safety Protocols
  • Access Control / Security Scanning
  • VIP Area Access
  • Sharing Onsite Attendee Information among Staff
  • Continuing Education Credit Tracking
  • Exhibitor Areas (Note: Does NOT enable Lead Retrieval! Those features help exhibitors manage leads and require a license for each booth.)
  • Any other reason you can think of for tracking attendance or attendee information onsite for a portion of the event.

Decisions and Setup [Pre Event]

 Setup the Basics

Step 1 → Create the Event  Creating a Hybrid event OR Creating an Onsite event

Step 2 → Configure Global Registration Settings Advanced event registration settings

Step 3 → Create Ticket Types How to create tickets

Step 4 → Add Attendees → Use 1 or more of the below options!

Configure the Journey

Step 1 → Decide on Check-in Areas Creating and managing Onsite Check in areas

Decisions you will make:

  • Will you have multiple Check In Areas?
  • Check In Area Name(s)
  • How will staff receive the code for setup?

Step 2 → Add your Segment Schedule How to create a Schedule for an event

Decisions you will make:

Step 3 → Determine if Segment Override will be On or OffOverriding attendance

Step 4 → Determine if Segment Auto Registration will be On or OffAutomatic Registration

Enhance the Experience

Would you like to add a Floor Plan? (max of 10) How to add floor plans to your event

Decisions you will make:

  • Name of Floor / Area / Building
  • Image (PNG, JPG or PDF)

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